Getting to Know Jesus – Week 3

Hi mini women!  I can’t believe it’s our last Getting to Know Jesus post.  Let’s dive in.


What did Jesus think about Friendship?


Well, we know a couple things.

  1. He was fine with having friends with different interests.

His disciples ranged all the way from tax collector to fisherman.  That’s like an accountant and a construction worker being friends today.  So if you’re really into music, and absolutely hate math – don’t ignore that math genius in your class!  You might have things to teach each other.

When I was in school, I absolutely hated gym class.  I was so uncoordinated and jealous of all the girls who felt at right at home on the baseball field.

Polar Opposite Friends

Fast forward a few years and I’m friends with some of those girls now!  They encourage me to keep running and lifting weights, and they are so kind and helpful.  I would have lost out on some good friendships if I only hung out with the theater and English class girls!


  1. He forgave them.

Peter is the best example of this.  He was so on fire to be Jesus’s right hand man, and yet when Jesus had been arrested, he was asked three times if he knew Jesus, and he said no every time.

When Jesus resurrected, He gave Peter the chance to say he loved Him three times, and Jesus forgave him.

Friends Forgiving

Girls, if Jesus can forgive that, so can we forgive our friends!  I know it can be hurtful when your group of friends goes to the mall without you, or doesn’t check in with you right away when you’ve had a bad day, but give them the chance to explain.  That gives you the chance to forgive, and to save what probably is a really special friendship.


  1. He served them. (John 21)

When Jesus was resurrected, He passed along the message to the disciples to go to Galilee and wait for Him.  Well, they are there, they’ve been fishing to pass the time and not catching much.  Also, they’ve heard Jesus is alive, but they haven’t seen Him yet.  What if it’s all a lie?  I can bet their mood wasn’t so great.

Jesus appears on the shore and calls out to them to lower their nets on the other side of the boat.  They might not have been able to tell it was Jesus by seeing Him, but boy I bet they knew it was Him when their nets filled immediately!

When they got to shore, Jesus already had a fire going and fish cooking for them.  I love that picture.

Don’t you always feel so loved and taken care of when you’re sad about messing up a test or missing a goal during your most recent soccer game and your mom makes you your favorite dish?  Or another family member brings you some soup when you’re feeling under the weather?

I love that Jesus cared about his followers enough to host breakfast.  It reminds me to serve my friends when they are hurting!  When they’ve had a bad day, send them a funny card or a quick text to remind them I’m here if they want to talk.  When they’re sick, leave some groceries on their doorstep.

Care Package

Jesus clearly loved and cared about His friends.  He set the example and I think you mini women are MORE than up to the challenge of doing the same!


In the comments below, tell us which point stood out to you the most.  Do you need to try to reach out and make friends who are different than you?  Do you need to forgive a friend?  Or do you have a friend that’s hurting, and what are your ideas to help them?

I can’t wait to hear from you girls!




This is a quick note, unrelated to our post, but I wanted to let you girls know that we will be closing the Tribelet blog next week.  Me, Leslie, Asher and of course Nancy will be back for one last farewell post next Wednesday.  We are so grateful for all the fun we’ve had with you here, and we are looking forward to talking to you about where to go from here.

We love you Mini Women.  And we’ll talk next week!


Getting to Know Jesus – Week 2

Hi girls!

I’m excited to have the next topic to chat about this week.

Exodus 15 Verse

What did Jesus think about healing?

I know some of you have shared in the past that you’re going through some medical issues, and if you personally aren’t, I think we all know someone who is.  Healing can be a difficult topic.  Sometimes the Lord chooses to not heal a person on earth, and to give them a new body in heaven instead.

For today, we’re going to talk about when Jesus healed people on earth.  I’ve got three stories for us to look at.

(Go grab your Bibles if you’re not familiar with the stories I’m talking about, and read them!  You’ll understand my commentary much better!)


Story #1:  The Roman Centurion and his servant (Luke 7 and Matthew 8)

Mini women, did you know this is the only time in Scripture where Jesus makes such a huge proclamation, “Nowhere else have I seen such faith!”

And this faith was not from a rabbi, a disciple, a faithful Jesus follower, but from a Roman soldier, a man whose only real job was to keep the Israelites under control. A high-ranking soldier it seems, so someone who had fought in many battles, and learned the harsh warfare techniques of the Roman empire.  Let’s just say, he was not an innocent peaceful man.

Luke 7 Picture

But he knew this, which is why he didn’t even let Jesus come to his house.  His faith was so great that He knew if Jesus just said the words, his servant would be healed no matter where Jesus was.

Again, this man was not a Jew, had no reason to believe in Jesus, and yet his faith was praised by the Messiah Himself.

What does this tell us?

First of all, it reminds us that you do not have to have a pure and unblemished record to ask for healing.  I am not saying to ignore sin in your life, or ways you need to change, but I am saying – don’t let that stop you from coming to the Throne Room and asking for your miracle.

And second, when you do to Jesus in prayer and ask, do so with humility.  This Roman centurion was in charge of many men and had great authority, and could have easily thrown his privilege around.  He chose not to.  He told Jesus not to come to his home, because he was unworthy to host Him.  He was content to send a messenger, to allow Jesus to answer him from afar, whatever that answer would be.


Story #2:  The Blind Man (John 9)

There’s no getting around it girls.  This one can be a tough pill to swallow.

When we are suffering, it’s only logical that our mind starts to search for answers.  “What have I done wrong?  Where are you God?  Why don’t you take this pain away from me?”

The disciples sure thought so.  They saw the blind man and immediately thought he must have done something wrong.  Or maybe his parents did and their punishment was a blind son.

Jesus answered them with a pretty powerful statement.  “This was done so the glory of God might be displayed in him.”

Jesus knew that this man had suffered greatly since birth.  This man must have had some heartbreaking days.  But Jesus also knew that without suffering, there is no rejoicing.  There are no miracles if there is no one to heal!  It can be a bitter pill to swallow when WE are the ones doing the suffering and waiting on Jesus.

John 9 Verse

But oh mini women – what an incredible story we will have to tell, of how the Lord was faithful.  And it will be so amazing and fun to help others who are struggling in the same way.  Because we’ve been there, done that.


Story #3: The Lame Man at the Pool of Bethesda (John 5)

Now this story always makes me chuckle a little.

There’s a man laying by the pool waiting to be healed.  The story tells us he can’t walk and has been waiting for 38 years!  But what does Jesus ask him?

“Do you want to be healed?”

Well goodness I would think so!  He’s only been waiting for 38 years!

But Jesus gives him the choice. We always have one.  Maybe we think the healing will be too hard, or take too long, or change our lives too much.  But I hope we be like that man and choose healing.  Jesus is more than able, but I think this story reminds us that we have to ask!  We might ask many many times, but let’s not be shy.  Let’s come to Jesus and say, “Yes please!”

John 5 Verse


Mini women, I know today was a heavy topic.  Next week will be lighter I promise!  But in the comments, please give us some prayer requests for healing so we can all pray for each other.  Remember not to give too many personal details, just so there’s privacy. 


Love you girls!  Let’s pray together, and I’ll see you next week!


This is a quick note, unrelated to our post, but I wanted to let you girls know that we will be closing the Tribelet blog at the end of August.  After August, me, Leslie, Asher and of course Nancy will be back for one last farewell post in the first week of September.  We are so grateful for all the fun we’ve had with you here, and we are looking forward to talking to you in September about where to go from here.

Getting to Know Jesus – Week 1

Hi Mini Women!

Two weeks ago you girls chimed in with some really great ideas for new blog topics.  One of them really stood out to me.

Getting to Know Jesus Better

It’s really an amazing topic because you can live your whole life learning about Him and you’ll still come up with new stuff every day.  Maybe you’ll read a verse you’d forgotten about or maybe something will happen to you personally that makes you pause and say, “Oh right, Jesus is incredible.”

It’s my hope that these next few weeks I can lay out a clear picture of what Jesus was all about.

This week is a topic that’s dear to my heart, and I know you’ll feel the same.

How did Jesus feel about women?

Girls, if you don’t already know, the Jewish culture was not exactly set up to give women an equal seat at the table.  Now, there were rules in place to make sure they weren’t mistreated, but as far as being respected as much as a man was – forget it!

Of course by now I think you know what I’m about to say – Jesus turned all that upside down when He arrived.  I’ve got some stories for you…

  1. It was a woman who decided when His first miracle should be. Mary, his mama, was the one who got His attention to turn the water into wine for the wedding guests!  (John 2)

Mary and Jesus at Cana

Girls I know we talked about this before (in our Miracles of Jesus series) but I just want to say again – Jesus was 30 years old.  Well past the age that you “have to” listen to your mom, but He showed respect and kindness and listened to her anyway.  He started His whole ministry not on His timing, but on the advice of a woman.

  1. Women traveled with Him, along with His twelve disciples.  (Luke 8)

Women Traveling with Jesus

Now we hear this and say, “Cool!  Wish I was one of those women!”

But back in that day?  This was RADICALLY not cool, at least in the mind of the Pharisees.  And anyone else watching His ministry closely would have probably called it “weird” at best.  Women weren’t even allowed to leave the house without an approved male escort.  Sure, the disciples were all male, but a lot of them were married and their wives stayed home.  Not really “approved” male companions for these women.  But Jesus wanted them there, wanted them to come along.

And along with this well, I’m sure you girls have gone on vacation before.  Did you pay for it?  Probably not.  But I’m sure you remember Mom and Dad talking about how expensive it was!  Eating out more, going to museums, hotel rooms – it all adds up!

Jesus and His disciples were basically always on the road, never sure where their next meal would come from or if they’d have a place to stay that night.  Guess who paid for all of this?  Women!  Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Susanna just to name a few.

I know it’s another thing that’s different about our cultures, but it would have been completely embarrassing for a woman to have to financially support a man.  Jesus wasn’t embarrassed.  Clearly it was public knowledge.  Jesus treasured these women and not only wanted them along to see His amazing ministry, but also graciously accepted their help!

  1. He appeared to women first when He was resurrected. (Matthew 28)

Woman at the Tomb

Girls, if anything tells you how much Jesus values and honors women, this should be it.  It’s the single GREATEST moment in the history of the world, and Jesus wanted women to be the first to know.

Think about it.

He could have just reappeared right in front of the Pharisees.  Just to rub their noses in it and scare the sandals off of them!

He could have gone straight to where his disciples were gathered and mourning Him.

He didn’t.

He stayed in the tomb, and waited.  He knew the women were coming to see His body, and He wanted them to be the first to know.  AND He asks them to spread the news!  Back then, a woman’s testimony wasn’t even allowed in a simple courtroom trial.  But He chooses women to testify to the most incredible story of all – that He is alive!


Mini Women, I could go on and on.  There are countless stories of women stepping into the Gospel and making their mark on the greatest story ever told.  I’ve only given three examples.

But this I want you to know.  Jesus loves and values and honors you.  YOU.  If you ever question that, if someone ever tells you that you are not worthy of His respect, I want you to turn to the Scripture.  Scriptures written by men, men who had been raised in the Jewish culture, who told stories about incredible women.

Girls, in the comments, tell me which story stood out the most to you.  Or if you have a different one from the Bible that you remember, tell us that one!  I’m telling you, there are a LOT to choose from.


This is a quick note, unrelated to our post, but I wanted to let you girls know that we will be closing the Tribelet blog at the end of August.  After August, me, Leslie, Asher and of course Nancy will be back for one last farewell post in the first week of September.  We are so grateful for all the fun we’ve had with you here, and we are looking forward to talking to you in September about where to go from here.

We love you Mini Women.  And I (Hannah) will see you next week!

August Mini Makers

Hi ladies!  We are so excited to showcase your creativity. Let’s look at what you’ve sent in for us.  Asher left her remarks (and questions for you) underneath each one.

Hi Tribelet! Asher here, I hope you’re all having an awesome summer. Mine’s been interesting but busy, and I am definitely not ready to go back to school yet!

It’s been a while since we’ve had Mini-Makers on our blog, which is why I am so excited to share this months’ entries with you!

First of all, we have LYDIA’s poem.



God is there in the sun, and in the rain.
God is there in the summer, and through the winter.
God is there in the night, and in the day.
God is there through thick and thin.
God is there standing by our side.
God is ALWAYS there.

No Matter What Happens…

I think its message is powerfully simple – it’s tough to feel like God is there all the time. When could you use the message of Lydia’s poem the most? Personally, I need it most when I feel like my prayers aren’t being answered.



Which snap do you find the most interesting? I love them all, but if I had to choose it’d be the first purple flower one. The hollow petal are so cool – Esmeralda has a great eye for detail! Does anyone know what type of flower it is?



The waves of life may be hard to sail,
But with God on your side you will prevail.
Through the ups and downs,
The goods and bads,
God will be with you,
He always has.
So hold on tight and stand strong,
Because God has been with you all along.

I love this poem as well. The idea of a friend or family member walking with me through difficult times is really comforting, and this poem is an excellent reminder that God does that as well. Which line of the poem do you like the best? The last line’s my favorite. 🙂




Aren’t they all adorable? Which one is your spirit animal? I would have to say mine is the Llama – I’m always listening to music (and bopping along when nobody’s watching)! I also love that Larryn experimented with both realistic and more cartoon-style art. Way to go!


New Beginnings

Welcome to a land where love is played-out and smiles are unwrapped every day. J This is a story about the beginning of a special friendship. It all began with a little fox, who had a red-tipped tail and a sweet face. Her name was Ellie.

One cheerful spring day, Ellie peeked her fuzzy nose out of her warm and inviting den. She was new in this little town and didn’t know the One, who had painted the sunrises and wispy, pink, clouds of dawn.

She decided that a walk outside would be nice. “And,” She giggled to herself, “maybe somebody else will be out, too. Maybe, a new friend.”

If you walked down a certain path that led to a grove of trees, you would find a very special tree. The other animals in Ellie’s village called it the Tree of Life, but no one knew who had planted it or what it did.

I found the symbolism of the ‘One’ and the ‘Tree of Life’ really interesting! I’m looking forward to finding out what they mean to Ellie later on in the story. What did this excerpt remind you of? The Tree of Life reminded me of Genesis and Revelation.

Thank you to everyone who shared their entries, it was a pleasure looking through them! I can’t wait to see what you all create next, it’s great seeing you improve as artists. 🙂

Stay creative!

Take care,


Hello August!



Hi Mini Women!

This is going to be a short post to kick off the month of August, but don’t you worry – we’ve got lots of good content coming up!

But Leslie and I think we need another poll!  Tell us in the comments – what do you want to hear about?  Give us some topics that interest you or you want to learn more about.  We want to hear from you!  It can be anything.  We can’t wait to hear what’s on your mind.



We’re doing a Mini Makers post next week!

For those of you who are new, Mini Makers is when you girls send us your creativity, and we put it proudly on display!  A picture you’ve drawn, a photo you’ve taken, a poem you’ve written – it’s all fair game.  Short stories and poems need to be 150 words or less.

Submissions are due by Sunday, August 5th at 8am est. Send your submissions to You can put August Mini Makers in the subject line so we can grab it right away!

We are so excited to see what you’ve got up your creative sleeves!

Until next Wednesday,

Love from Hannah, Leslie and Asher!