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  1. I am new to this blog and I just read the blog from the 26th I had almost the same problem! Though instead of my dad being there, my two little sisters kept yelling “Boobies!” and pointing at my new bra. This went on all trough out the store. Then I found out that one of my friends was their clothes shopping. She was like “you wear a bra?” I wanted be invisible!!

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  2. I got my bra on 7/21/16 so it’s almost been a year. I have gotten used to wearing a bra every day. I am also homeschooled and my only sibling is my older brother. My brother is very nice and never teased or said a thing about it, but I still know how you felt.


  3. Hi, I am new here too. I have read the You! A christain Girls guide to growing up book and it was really helpful. Thanks


  4. That happened to me too, Mabry but it was a friend who was a bit younger than me. I let her try it on and she didn’t get it on right and it look right on her! It was hilarious! We still laugh about it now.


  5. Hey, I kind of just wanted to ask you guys and see what the other girls think about this. I think you should be allowed to wear a thick strap tank top and and middie shorts as long as their not super inapropriate. As long as your wearing it to be cute and not wearing it to show off anything I think it is fine. (As long as your parents approve) I am allowed to wear these things because they’re not super show-offy. I wear them because I live in Florida and it gets HOT! Am I doing something wrong? What is yalls opinion?


  6. I have a problem, and i thought here was the right place to post it, since i didnt wanna tell it to my siblings or my parents… Earlier today, I was reading “YOU! A christian girls guide to growing up” book, and I came across the chapter, “Bras, Breasts, and other girl things” I took the quiz and found out I was in between stage 2&3 of breast development, so I decided to measure myself to see what size bra I needed. I asked my mom where I could find a measuring tape, and she guessed what i was doing. Darn. Then she whispered to me, “I don’t think you need a bra quite yet.” I was like, Ok, so obviously I SHOULD NOT ask her about shaving my legs(because the hair on them is quite visible), or getting a bra until I practically look like a gorilla with bowling balls on my chest… I don’t know why, but I was really frustrated. Probably because my mom still treats me like i’m two years old, even though i’m ten and going into 5th grade, AND going through puberty. Sigh… Please tell me if any of you mini-women feel like this, or if you have anything that could help. Thank you so much!


  7. I’m also having some friend issues… This boy named Louis and I used to be good friends when we were, like, eight or nine; he used to hug me every time he left from some event that I was at. But then he moved away, and gave me his new address so I could send him letters. So we were pen pals for awhile, then he moved back and I was really excited! I me and my family went to his house, and he barely payed any attention to me! I was really dissapointed. resently, there was a church picnic and he sat down right next to me, so I thought we were still friends. But while he was sitting there he payed NO attention to me AT ALL and I mean AT ALL. I was soooo hurt and dissapionted. After that, I just gave up. We were never going to be friends again… 😥 😥

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  8. Hey, Rebekah. I feel your pain! Both of those things have happened to me and it was tough. With the 1st one, I would try and talk to your mom. Probably somewhere private because . . . it is kind of private. Just calmly tell her how you feel. Hear her side out to. Try and compromise. If that doesn’t work back down and respect your mom. (It can be hard but it’s the Godly thing to do.) Also, with the second thing! I have had that happen to me before. It’s a lot to go through, so, try and be nice no matter what. You may not be FRIENDS, but you can be FRIENDLY. And if you haven’t (u prob. have) talk to God about it.Good luck! Tell me if it’s helpful.


  9. Umm, I have a problem and kind of needed some help. I just started this year at a school and I have like, no friends. Everybody tells me to make friends with people but I don’t know how! I mean, like I’ll just be myself and people just make fun of me. I am fine without having friends because my real friends go to different schools. Should I try and get friends? Have ya’ll have similar experiences?


    • I will pray for you Larryn to make friends at your school and that people will see who you are. 🙂 An amazing mini-woman of God. You are a princess and a child of God. Rebekah, friendships are beautiful things in life and as my mom says, ” There are friends for a reason, some friends for a season, and friends for life.” Right now it might be hard but, you may become friends again. Also, as Larryn said, talk to God about and talk to your Mom. Love you and praying for you both! 🙂


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