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We are so glad you here!! Here’s a little bit about us and how things work. Make sure to introduce yourself in the comments!!

Tween Blog Guidelines

To keep you safe on Tween You and Me, we have to have guidelines. When everyone follows them, the blog stays focused on fun and friendship and figuring out who we are in our Lord Christ.  😊


  • Please pick one screen name and stick to it.  Most girls use their first names but if you’d rather go with a nickname that’s fine.
  • Once you’ve picked your screen name, only use THE SAME email address every time you comment. If you don’t have your own email address enter your parents’.
  • Do not let anyone else use your email address to comment.  If the same email address is found with two screen names you may be blocked from commenting.
  • Don’t give specific information about where you live. You can share your country or major part of the U.S. (Northeast, Pacific Northwest, etc.)
  • Please don’t give your last name or your age in a comment.


We LOVE comments. On every post we ask a question in red. Please feel free to join in the conversation because that is why we are here.

  • Please limit your comments to the topic in the post. The exceptions are prayer requests, encouragement for each other, or suggestions for a future post. So that “Tween You and Me” remains a safe place for you to express yourself and get encouragement and support, we stick to the following guidelines. Trust us– they work.

• It’s okay to comment on someone else’s comment, as long as you stay on topic. Stay away from lecturing, preaching and judging. You get enough of that in your life, right?

• When you ask for prayer for someone, it’s best not to mention the person’s name or give a lot of personal details, especially if that person also comments on the blog.  We try to respect everyone’s privacy.

• We respect each other’s differences of opinion. Any time we disagree with one another, we do it in a loving, tactful way. Comments like, “That was stupid,” or “You are rude,” will be unpublished and the commenter will be blocked until we’re sure she understands the rules.

• Please do NOT include any links, even to your own blog, in your comments.

• We try to keep advertisements and other spam from appearing, but if it does, just ignore it. Do NOT click on any links in those comments!

• We do have a list of screen names and email addresses of everyone who comments on the blog.  If there are any inconsistencies, those girls will be blocked from commenting until we can clear them up. Again, the email addresses will NOT be used for any other purpose except keeping you safe on this blog.

Welcome!!! We are so glad you are here!!! Tell us three of your favorite things as a way to introduce yourself. And let us know if you are new here. If not, how long have you been a part of the TRIBELET?

If you have any personal questions you want to discuss, you can always email us at tribeletelder@gmail.com.  Tween You and Me is a great community and we want to keep it that way!


Nancy, Leslie, Hannah and Asher



149 thoughts on “Welcome to the TRIBELET

  1. Hi, I am Alexis, and things I do to express myself and escape from reality is to dance, read (the Bible especially), music ( listening to it, playing it, whatever), and prayer.
    I actually am sorta new on this blog, I have read Nancy’s books before, and started reading this in early December of this year, and you are doing such a great job! ❤️Alexis

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  2. Welcome, Mariah!

    I have been with the Tribelet for a while… soon to be a year maybe?
    I enjoy playing the piano. I am in my 7th year of lessons.
    I love horses 🙂 I am taking lessons on a horse named Scandy.
    And I am a writer ❤ I love writing stories about Jesus 😉

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    • Jenna, I think that is amazing! I love writing and this is my fourth year playing the piano. Actually I have never ridden a horse in my life, although it would be a fun experience!Maybe for Mini-Makers, you could post one of your stories? I would love to hear them! ❤️Alexis


      • Hi! I also play piano and have been playing for 5 years. I have never ridden a horse(I have a small fear of big animals) but we do have a horse named Boo. She can be very sassy and she recently stepped on my foot and decided that she wasn’t going to move! She is very stubborn but I still love her! Jenna, what type of horse do you have?(Boo is a paint horse)

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      • That’s awesome that you write poetry. It is a gift to be able to use words in a way like that 🙂 You could send one in for mini-makers!


      • I love writing poems to release my feelings, especially when I am going through a rough time. I also write poems to/about God! 🙂


      • Hello Alexis, I play the saxophone and I was planning to take lessons on the violin.is it that easy to play the violin because playing the saxophone requires a lot of air and breathing

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      • I just started playing cello last year and I love it! I like to play classical music, but sometimes I have fun changing it up some times!


      • Cool! My brother played cello for a little bit. About singing, it is alright!! I am a terrible dancer! I am not graceful at all! I mean, I could if I practiced. He He But, I have always loved to sing. I have been singing since I was 5 and I got a reward at Heartland Choir Contest two years ago for outstanding musician. How long have you played cello? I haven’t played my violin very long.

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      • Haha even if you can’t do ballet, I bet you could rock freestyle! Its so awesome that you got that award. I bet you deserve it! I just started playing the cello this year for my school’s orchestra program, and I joined an extra afterschool program as well, and even though it is very challenging, it is totally worth it!


  3. I love the cello😊 my only instrument is the piano but I would enjoy learning how to play the cello☺️

    There was a man who died in a car accident due to ice so his family really needs prayer.


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  4. I’ve been here for some time. three things:
    I like to baby sit, I like brussels sprouts, And I have been on a cruse to the Bahamas, in fact, this is a lovely story about that:
    My family stopped to eat, and looking at the people next to us we saw pigeons chase them away and eat their food. The pigeons, having finessed that, started looking at US, (let me point out that these pigeons looked very tough) and started edging closer to us. one of them dived at us, and my dad punched it. it WAS okay.
    So, yep, thats me!

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    • Hi guys I’m Maddie! I’m 12 yrs old and I am SUPER excited to finally be a part of this blog! I read the Christian’s Girl’s Guide to Growing Up and it is absolutely amazing! I love it! Btw have any of u guys watched The Kicks?

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  5. Welcome C Catherine and K Katherine;)! I am new too! Thanks guys for welcoming me in! (Thanks Ms. Leslie, I will be sure to check out the book and the website!) I know I have ALOT on this comment but the reply button isn’t working lol! Kaelyn I’m sure your awesome at violin too, and all the other talents you mentioned!
    P.S. I heart horses, but my favorite animal is a squirrel because I was one in The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe.

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  6. By the way, could you guys pray for me?
    So, I do bible quizzing and I have a tournament coming up next week (it’s on 1 Corinthians 1-2 Corinthians 9) and I am really scared or that. And one more thing my friend just recently died and I was wondering if you could pray for her family.


  7. That is really cool Beth.
    I do not think i have ever made any pastries.
    I am making a cake tonight ( with my big sis Esmeralda ).
    I hope it is okay when we eat it.😬😐


    • Maddie- Oh food. It’s so delicious. And can become a sticky area for some of us. Are we talking sneaking sugar after you’ve been told to no more snacks? Or eating too much-in secret-when you are way past full? Is it that you like the food? Or the sneaking?

      Mini-women-Can anyone else relate? Or offer advice?

      Also- check out the Archives for June 2016 and see if anything resonates. (They are on the side on the page if you are reading on a computer. Or at the very bottom if you are reading on a phone.)

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    • My Mom just had an idea about that habit, Maddie. She called it a snack box. It would be filled with healthy food that you can snack on throughout the day. So, you could fill it at the beginning of the week or month. So, when it is snack time, you can have some snack food. With your snack box, you know you are eating healthy and also know that you are not sneaking food. I hoped this helps and I will be praying for you.


  8. The archives are packed full with crazy helpful posts on a variety of topics.

    Boys questions- Feb-April 2016
    Body questions//puberty – July-Sept 2016
    Moms- July-Aug 2015


  9. Maddie, I totally understand. Food is such a blessing AND such a temptation!!!!
    I have TONS of allergies to foods such as dairy, nuts, and lots of fruits. But now, stores have so many options that I still have the temptations.

    If sneaking foods includes eating when you are filled to the brim, I suggest starting small. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips, grab a handful. Unfortunately, you can stuff yourself on actually healthy things. For example, if you grab an apple after a meal, it is likely you will be full before eating the whole thing. Cutting it takes longer, but you can save the leftover slices for lunches or for a later meal.

    A saying at my house is you can always add but you can’t take away. Eating is kinda like that. If you are still hungry after your first plate it is easy to get more. But once it’s on your plate, you have the choice of eating it or saving it. Personally, I am more likely to eat it :/ Start small.

    If you struggle with eating when you’ve been told “Enough.” Memorize the verses Philippians 4:13
    13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” He can and will help you turn away from the kitchen when you know not to even step foot into the trap. And pray that verse!

    If eating is to get back at your parents when they have told you no, remember that God has placed you in your family for a reason and that he commands you to honor and respect your parents (Ephesians 6:2)

    I will pray that God will give you strength!


    We will work on this together! We can keep each other accountable 🙂

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  10. Thanks guys for all the very helpful advice!

    Ms. Farthing- It is eating sugar snacks in secret. I know it’s wrong and I’m trying VERY hard to stop but it is so difficult! I sneak food because I love snacks and also I’m concerned that I’m underweight (is 70 lbs underweight?)!

    Kaelyn- Thanks so much! I will definitely try out the snack box!

    Jenna- Thank you so much for the advice! I will start memorizing the verse you suggested next week! I have a Bible Quizzing tournament this weekend that takes ALOT of memorization so as soon as it’s done I’ll get right to it!

    All this advice is very helpful! So far I’ve been trying to stop myself from sneaking things by thinking of two of my memory verses from quizzing;

    “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind, and God is faithful He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear, but when you are tempted He will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”
    1 Corinthians 10:13

    “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”
    1 Corinthians 10:31

    I guess the quizzing memory verses are pretty handy ;D! They have kept me from sneaking %65 of the time! And I’m sure this advice will help me, so that I can stop sneaking %100!
    ~ Maddie

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  11. I am SO sorry I keep asking advice on everything and I have a lot of questions, but I’m still trying to figure stuff out and everything. First, do guys have any tips on memorization or at least getting things in essence?
    Second, do periods hurt? I’m scared for when it begins!


    • Hi Maddie,
      It’s fine that you have questions-that’s why we’re all here, right??
      My tip for memorization is to try repeating whatever it is you need to memorize over and over again!! Also reading it before bed might help, then you can keep it in your head as you go to sleep. Just don’t get stressed!!
      About periods, I’ve only had mine once before but really, it’s fine once you get used to it and doesn’t hurt!!
      I hope this answered your questions,
      Kathryn xx


    • At my old school, we had to memorize a lot of things. My Dad would help me memorize stuff by doing something called ” The High Five Rule.”( or something like that 🙂 ) So, I would have to say what I needed to memorize five times correctly. For example. I was memorizing John 3:16 and I look at the first part, ” Because God so loved the world,” and I would have to say it five times, without looking at the answer, correctly. You can also use the notecard trick by writing it down on notecards and looking at them in your spare time. You can also write it down because, when I write stuff down, it helps me remember things.

      Also, about having your period and everything, you will be great. 🙂 You may feel sore sometimes, (like after working out hard, or not hard 🙂 )but, it doesn’t really hurt when you are having your period. P.S. There is nothing to be afraid of when we have periods. It may seem scary because it is something unknown, but God told us not to be afraid. I will be praying that you will have nothing to fear but, growing into the young women you were meant to be. 🙂
      Love you girl and I hope this helps. 🙂

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    • Hi Maddie!
      For memorization- I read somewhere that you remember things better if they are written in blue ink. Try flashcards, or study that subject. When I study for my math test, Ihave a whole seperate notebook for my notes. I take the notes, revise them, and then highlight them. Writing things down seem to help, and the color of the highlighters make it easier to remember.
      And don’t worry about your period. You might get cramps or a headache, but it’s not so bad.
      It helps to be prepared so you’re not embarrassed. Praying for you. I hope this helps!

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    • Welcome Layne! We’re glad to have you here! if you like, you can say three things about you, as a way to introduce yourself, but you don’t have to. (Please do not include anything personal, like phone numbers, addresses, or complete names: this is for safeties sake, so please no not take it personally!) Thanks! 🙂


  12. Maddie, about periods- I have bad cramps and it can be painful but heat helps SO SO much!!! Doing something you enjoy helps get your mind off of it😁


  13. Um, could everyone pray for a slightly older friend of mine? She’s going through a REALLY hard spiritual time right now! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 Thanks! :/ 🙂


  14. HI
    Will be praying for your friend Mariah i hope he knows that the Lord is there for him.
    Will be praying for your friend too.


  15. I love this blog! And I love that one of us can ask for prayer and everyone else prays! It’s really cool to know someone you havn’t met face to face is praying for you!

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  16. Hey guys!
    Sorry I have not been on the blog for awhile I’ve been REALLY busy.
    Remember how I asked you guys to pray for the tournament? Well, here are the results: my team got 3rd place and for my personal ranking I got 3rd. Thanks so much for the prayers! Speaking of tournaments I actually have another one coming up next, could you pray for that too? It is the last tournament unless I qualify for reginals.
    P.S. I’m praying too Beth!

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