Welcome to the TRIBELET

We are so glad you here!! Here’s a little bit about us and how things work. Make sure to introduce yourself in the comments!!

Tween Blog Guidelines

To keep you safe on Tween You and Me, we have to have guidelines. When everyone follows them, the blog stays focused on fun and friendship and figuring out who we are in our Lord Christ.  😊


  • Please pick one screen name and stick to it.  Most girls use their first names but if you’d rather go with a nickname that’s fine.
  • Once you’ve picked your screen name, only use THE SAME email address every time you comment. If you don’t have your own email address enter your parents’.
  • Do not let anyone else use your email address to comment.  If the same email address is found with two screen names you may be blocked from commenting.
  • Don’t give specific information about where you live. You can share your country or major part of the U.S. (Northeast, Pacific Northwest, etc.)
  • Please don’t give your last name or your age in a comment.


We LOVE comments. On every post we ask a question in red. Please feel free to join in the conversation because that is why we are here.

  • Please limit your comments to the topic in the post. The exceptions are prayer requests, encouragement for each other, or suggestions for a future post. So that “Tween You and Me” remains a safe place for you to express yourself and get encouragement and support, we stick to the following guidelines. Trust us– they work.

• It’s okay to comment on someone else’s comment, as long as you stay on topic. Stay away from lecturing, preaching and judging. You get enough of that in your life, right?

• When you ask for prayer for someone, it’s best not to mention the person’s name or give a lot of personal details, especially if that person also comments on the blog.  We try to respect everyone’s privacy.

• We respect each other’s differences of opinion. Any time we disagree with one another, we do it in a loving, tactful way. Comments like, “That was stupid,” or “You are rude,” will be unpublished and the commenter will be blocked until we’re sure she understands the rules.

• Please do NOT include any links, even to your own blog, in your comments.

• We try to keep advertisements and other spam from appearing, but if it does, just ignore it. Do NOT click on any links in those comments!

• We do have a list of screen names and email addresses of everyone who comments on the blog.  If there are any inconsistencies, those girls will be blocked from commenting until we can clear them up. Again, the email addresses will NOT be used for any other purpose except keeping you safe on this blog.

Welcome!!! We are so glad you are here!!! Tell us three of your favorite things as a way to introduce yourself. And let us know if you are new here. If not, how long have you been a part of the TRIBELET?

If you have any personal questions you want to discuss, you can always email us at tribeletelder@gmail.com.  Tween You and Me is a great community and we want to keep it that way!


Nancy, Leslie, Hannah and Asher



252 thoughts on “Welcome to the TRIBELET

  1. Hello! I’m new here, but I’m reading the You! book, and I decided to check out the blog. My username is Nightcrawler, but that’s just a name I like to use in video games My real name is Audrey.

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  2. Hi ‘Nightcrawler’ (Love the name!) and Kira! Welcome to the tribelet! It is so much fun! I havn’t been on or a while because I do bible quizzing and I have to study a lot! What some favorite things you guys like to do?


  3. By the way guys, my tournament went really well! Thanks for the prayers! My team got 2nd place and I got 6th place. And also, I made it to regionals! On the A team! So in May I’m going to Boston for quiz!!!!!I’m so happy and excited! 😀 🙂


  4. Hi, sorry I haven’t been on a lot😢 I was wondering if you could pray for a my friend and i. Her and I have been friends for years, but she got another friend and has got some bad influence, and it’s a just a big tangle.
    Thanks 😀


  5. Welcome, Kira, Dilla, and Nightcrawler 😉 I’m so glad you are all here! Just so you know there are older posts about boys (they are very helpful)
    Glad you are in the tribelet!


  6. Have you commented on the main posts? It is a little easier to comment there since there aren’t 200!
    See ya!


    • Hi girls i have been thinking a lot about my birthday and need help i love baby’s there so cute well there are some girls that buy these reborn baby dolls that look real you probably think it’s wierd that i’m still into baby dolls but that’s what i like i’m birthday is in september the 4 and i also won’t to pierce my ears sorry if i spelled that’s wrong


      • Hey, everybody has something cool they like………….but not everyone else does. It’s just something that makes you, well………. You! (And its awesome!) My worst grades are in spelling.

        Here are some tips: If you know something isn’t spelled right*, you can right click on it, and a list of words you may have been trying to spell should come up.

        If you don’t know if something is spelled right, you can Google it and get the definition.
        Hope this helps!

        *Underlined red.


  7. Hi my name is halle I am new. I am 11, about to be 12, and I heard about this site on the I want to be my sef book. Nancy Rue is, like, my favorite author 4 christian girls, and 3 things about myself are: I play on a 12u softball team in travel ball, (the Delta Blue Angels), I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to read, (the bible being my favorite, of course) and every year I go to a FCA camp in Black Mountain, NC. (FCA is Fellowship for Christian Athletes) My dad being a coach of varsity basketball, I go every year and LOVE it.

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  8. Hi I am new here my name is Lily and I came here from the book You! A Christian Girl’s Guide to Growing Up. Three thing about me are 1. I love camping and hiking. 2. I love to read 3. My favorite number is 3 because God the father God the son and God the Holy Ghost. I am very happy to be here and I can’t wait to learn.

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  9. Question, I get anxiety and it has put a big damper on my life. I want to go to social events but if I do I get really bad anxiety. I’ve gotten ok with my anxiety with the help of my mom but it’s just not getting better enough for me to notice a difference. It as started to effect me going to church. It is very hard to sit through church without having really bad anxiety and I just want some help. What should I do?


    • I used to have anxiety too but, for different reasons. There is a verse in the Bible that is really wonderful and helped me. It is 2 Timothy 1:7 , ” For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power, love, and of self-control.” There is another version that says of sound mind. Remember, that God has not given you fear. Also, in the Bible it also says that perfect love casts out all fear.


    • Hi lily welcome i’m Pie and i have anxiety but to well i did but i did something about it and i don’t get it that much now i had i really bad to so i know what you mean i feel the pain you do your not the only one trust me


  10. Hello, I’m Kellie, but my friends call me Kel-Kel. I just started reading the You book. I live in GA. I am about to turn 12 in July. Nancy Drew is my favorite author. I even have her “Here’s Lily!” Here are 3 things about me: 1. I love to swim ( I even do swim team ) 2. I HATE SPIDERS!!!! 3. I am fun, friendly, and give advice to anyone. ( Even guys) I am so excited to meet you guys.

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  11. Hi I’m new. I just read your book “You! A Christians girls guide to growing up” and it really helped! After I read it I wanted to keep being active in your ideas and others. Where I live I don’t have a lot of Catholic friends so I feel left out when I can’t enjoy what I love doing with others. I feel doing this will help me. Thank you!


  12. Three things about me is 1. I’m in competitive soccer 2. Love listening and playing music 3. I have two dogs yellow labs named Simba and Nala(After the lion king)


    • Welcome Christina!!! We post every Wednesday and ask a question that you can comment on each week. That’s how we get to know each other.

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  13. hi I am Emily I am new here i have read and re-read the You! book and really enjoyed it. 3 things about me are i live in big lake ranch BC a really small “Town”, my favorite animal is a grizzly bear and i am the oldest and tallest in my whole school of 25 kids.


      • Yes i have seen a grizzly bear in the wild. honestly it was pretty scatty to see all the muscle just ready to pounce almost like God did/does on his people’s enemy’s.


  14. hey i am Anna and i’m new on this blog. I live in Germany and i know god since I’m little but I would to get to know him even better.


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