A Fond Farewell

Oh, precious Mini-Women.

This is Nancy.

When I started Tween You and Me 10 years ago, I had no idea how many tween girls like you would meet here and comment and share and pray and laugh and have blog parties. I don’t actually know how many, but it’s been a LOT. Some have graduated from high school – gone to college – some are even married! That means the tween years really do pass, and I hope the Tween You and Me blog helped make those years – and yours – easier and more fun and, most important of all, more God-filled. We have talked about everything from bullying to those absurd little creep boys. From keeping a Talking To God journal to dealing with friendship flubs. From celebrating Advent to observing Lent. From making friends with our own bodies to dealing with our siblings (and we don’t know which is harder!). God has been right in the middle of all of it – the doubts and the faith, the questions and the answers, the prayers and the celebrations.

caricature of signingNow it’s time to say good-bye to the blog, and each one of us who has been part of it on the posting end – Asher (who has grown up here!), Hannah and Leslie – is going to take a turn giving you some parting words to send you on your way. After all, that’s what we’ve always done, isn’t it?

Asher … Some advice on school

My advice would be to find balance. Yes, grades are important, but so is meeting people, doing extracurriculars and actually getting something out of your education. In middle school I tended to say in my comfort zone – focusing on getting good grades and my existing friend group. Now that I’m a sophomore, I’ve learned that branching out is important. It’s really helped me widen my perspective of life, and taught me my second piece of advice …

final AsherMost things don’t matter. As they’re happening to you, moments seem huge – failing that math test is the end of the world and noting is more mortifying than messing up when you try debate for the first time. Truth is, most things won’t bother you ten days … ten years from now, so don’t be afraid to give things a shot and save your energy for what truly matters. Things that aren’t temporary. You, people and what you believe in.

And practically, when your busy school life begins to overwhelm you, breaking things down helps. Study by chapter, not by textbook, at a time. Makes lists of your priorities. Plan, putting short term and long term goals into action.

As always, take care. Love, Asher.

Friendship Farewell Post

Hi, Mini-Women- it’s Hannah!

It has been my HONOR to speak to you about all sorts of topics over the past year. I will miss your cheerful responses and conversations, but I know you have all the knowledge you need to grow into amazing your women. In fact, I’d say you’re already there!

You’ve shown us what it means to be a true friend, with your sweet advice and promises to pray for each other. That will carry you far in life. I hope we’ve shown you that if you turn to Jesus and what He said, you won’t go wrong when it comes to making friends, keeping friends and being there for those friends. Find your tribe and be loving to them. Find girls who will remind you to turn to the Ultimate Friend when your life looks cloudy and gray. We have all friends here for a little while, but those friends will last a lifetime.

Oh, and as far as our Mini Makers, I will say – keep creating! You girls are seriously fantastic. And loved. Every. Single. One of you.


It’s Leslie here,

I’ve been thinking about you mini-women this past week and what I want to share as we say goodbye to the blog What I wish someone would have told me what I was your age. And this is where I landed. My hope is that you would be mini-women who learn to love well. Who love God and love all people. And love them well. That’s what we are called to do. Just love. Do small things with great love regardless of the outcome. Keep loving. And when your spirit runs out, ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with His love. To the brim. Overflowing, He never runs out. There is always more. It’s not about doing it right or being perfect. Just love.

Ask God to teach you about his love. For you, your family, your friends, the world. He will show you. His love never fails. It’s perfect. And even better, his love for you will never change. He loved you so much, He sent Jesus so you could know him. And the Holy Spirit so you can connect with him. Nothing you do or say, or don’t do or don’t say can ever separate you from His love. He is always there. Ready to listen. With arms wide open.

Good things, like this blog, end. That’s part of the rhythm of life. Seasons change, people change, life changes, But God and his love for you do not and will not change. So keep getting to know Him. Love Him. And no matter what comes your way, you will more than okay.


If you want to write in your Talking to God Journal, maybe you can tell God some of your favorite memories from your time spent here on the blog. And we do hope you’ll continue your habit of writing to God as often as you can. We still do!

If you want to make a comment and continue the conversation with your friends here a little while longer, the blog will remain up for two more weeks (until September 26). So why not share the most important thing you’re learned from being part of Tween You and Me?

Blessings, Mini-Women,






Hang in there for next week!

Hi mini women!


This is a short post just to say we were actually be back NEXT week to say our goodbyes.  We are bringing all hands on deck for our farewell post and we need a little more time to pull it all together.

Woman Writing


If you want to comment below, tell us what you think was the most important thing you learned here on Wednesdays with Nancy!


We love you girls, and we’ll talk to you next week.

Friendship Verse