Whatever Is Pure Is Impossible — Right?

Asher Pure

Photograph by Asher

Hello, my precious Tribelet of Amazing Mini-Women. Nancy here, to talk about whatever is pure.

I have a suspicion, and I wonder if it’s true. When adults start talking about “purity” and “staying pure”, I bet you have some foggy sense they’re talking about boys. Am I right?

Jpeg  Yeah, well, here’s the deal: that isn’t what ‘whatever is pure’ is about. At least not all of it. It’s way bigger than that – and at this point in your life the rest of it is way, way more important.

This is what pure means.

  • Free from being anything that isn’t you. Just like pure gold is gold that doesn’t have anything but gold in it, goldand pure water is water without junk floating around in it. If you’re being true to who God made you to be, you are pure.

  • You don’t need a bunch of stuff to prove what you are. You know, like a ton of make-up on your face, the trendy slang coming out of your mouth when you don’t even know what it means, teen modelthe closet full of clothes that you don’t really like but everybody is wearing them so … When you’re pure, what they see is who you are.

  • Not mixed up. Not being a girly girl one day and a female jock the next and a brainiac ten minutes after that, just because that’s what the people around you expect you to be when you’re with them.confused girl If you’re basically the same you wherever you go, you are pure.

  • Nothing inappropriate is going on with you. You’re not all into music that has a lot of bad language in the lyrics. You don’t watch R-rated movies if your parents have nixed them. boy groupYou walk away or change the subject when other kids are telling jokes you wouldn’t repeat in front of your folks. If you’re content to be the age you are, that’s pure you.

Before you say, “Um, that’s impossible. I can’t be like that all the time,” relax. Nobody can.  It’s sort of like a TV commercial a long time ago for Ivory soap. It claimed to be 99 and 44/100 per cent pure. Ivory soapNot 100% pure, because nothing and nobody can be, except God. If we could be, we wouldn’t NEED God, right?

Besides, in the verses we’re studying, the Bible doesn’t say “BE whatever is pure.” It says, “THINK about whatever is pure.”

  • Read great books (in addition to the Bible, of course). Books that show people learning how to live good, authentic lives even when it’s hard.smart girl

  • Listen to awesome music (as well as praise music, naturally). Music that lifts your spirits and makes you glad to be alive, or touches your heart and softens you.

  • Watch the best movies (besides those Veggie Tales you’ve grown out of!) watching movieMovies that make you think and dream and know that human beings really are made in the likeness and image of God.

  • Hang out with fabulous people (not just the ones in your church group). People who know how to love you for who you are, who make you want to be your best self, who you can love honestly and with joy.

  • Get to know nature (outside your own back yard). Looking around you – and smelling and listening and feeling – Asher Pure instead of always having your face in a screen.

God is in all of those wonderful things. Spend time there, and you’re spending time with “pure.” And even though you won’t end up being perfect, you’ll become better all the time. “Staying pure” won’t be a thing you DO. It will be a thing you ARE.

            So grab that Talking To God Journal. Start by laying out for God some of the un-pure stuff that’s cluttered your life lately.ashers-girl-writing-in-journal Don’t beat yourself up, because God doesn’t beat US up. Just let God know you realize things in your life aren’t as clear as they could be. Then, praying the whole time, make a list of 5 pure things you can read, listen to, watch, hang out with and experience. And then, of course, do that!

     Then check out what ASHER has to say on the topic:

Asher's header

Have you ever heard stories about people who lie on floating mattresses at the beach? Before they know it, they’re fast asleep and wake up hours later to find themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean. 

That’s kind of how using our time wisely works. If we don’t have a plan or stay alert, we might find ourselves drifting away from what is pure without knowing it. 

One thing you can try is making a “Nothing To Do” jar – it’s really helped me focus on being pure. Inside it are slips of paper with activities written on them; purposeful things I could do when I have spare time instead of aimlessly surfing the net, like calling my aunt to cheer her up or taking a walk in the park. Of course, you could tailor these to what works for you! Asher's portrait

 If you want to comment, and we hope you do, tell us five (5) things you’re going to write down and put in your Nothing To Do jar.  In mine, I’m going to include, “come up with new ideas for the mini-women!”


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