Getting to Know Jesus – Week 3

Hi mini women!  I can’t believe it’s our last Getting to Know Jesus post.  Let’s dive in.


What did Jesus think about Friendship?


Well, we know a couple things.

  1. He was fine with having friends with different interests.

His disciples ranged all the way from tax collector to fisherman.  That’s like an accountant and a construction worker being friends today.  So if you’re really into music, and absolutely hate math – don’t ignore that math genius in your class!  You might have things to teach each other.

When I was in school, I absolutely hated gym class.  I was so uncoordinated and jealous of all the girls who felt at right at home on the baseball field.

Polar Opposite Friends

Fast forward a few years and I’m friends with some of those girls now!  They encourage me to keep running and lifting weights, and they are so kind and helpful.  I would have lost out on some good friendships if I only hung out with the theater and English class girls!


  1. He forgave them.

Peter is the best example of this.  He was so on fire to be Jesus’s right hand man, and yet when Jesus had been arrested, he was asked three times if he knew Jesus, and he said no every time.

When Jesus resurrected, He gave Peter the chance to say he loved Him three times, and Jesus forgave him.

Friends Forgiving

Girls, if Jesus can forgive that, so can we forgive our friends!  I know it can be hurtful when your group of friends goes to the mall without you, or doesn’t check in with you right away when you’ve had a bad day, but give them the chance to explain.  That gives you the chance to forgive, and to save what probably is a really special friendship.


  1. He served them. (John 21)

When Jesus was resurrected, He passed along the message to the disciples to go to Galilee and wait for Him.  Well, they are there, they’ve been fishing to pass the time and not catching much.  Also, they’ve heard Jesus is alive, but they haven’t seen Him yet.  What if it’s all a lie?  I can bet their mood wasn’t so great.

Jesus appears on the shore and calls out to them to lower their nets on the other side of the boat.  They might not have been able to tell it was Jesus by seeing Him, but boy I bet they knew it was Him when their nets filled immediately!

When they got to shore, Jesus already had a fire going and fish cooking for them.  I love that picture.

Don’t you always feel so loved and taken care of when you’re sad about messing up a test or missing a goal during your most recent soccer game and your mom makes you your favorite dish?  Or another family member brings you some soup when you’re feeling under the weather?

I love that Jesus cared about his followers enough to host breakfast.  It reminds me to serve my friends when they are hurting!  When they’ve had a bad day, send them a funny card or a quick text to remind them I’m here if they want to talk.  When they’re sick, leave some groceries on their doorstep.

Care Package

Jesus clearly loved and cared about His friends.  He set the example and I think you mini women are MORE than up to the challenge of doing the same!


In the comments below, tell us which point stood out to you the most.  Do you need to try to reach out and make friends who are different than you?  Do you need to forgive a friend?  Or do you have a friend that’s hurting, and what are your ideas to help them?

I can’t wait to hear from you girls!




This is a quick note, unrelated to our post, but I wanted to let you girls know that we will be closing the Tribelet blog next week.  Me, Leslie, Asher and of course Nancy will be back for one last farewell post next Wednesday.  We are so grateful for all the fun we’ve had with you here, and we are looking forward to talking to you about where to go from here.

We love you Mini Women.  And we’ll talk next week!


17 thoughts on “Getting to Know Jesus – Week 3

  1. I started a new school this year so, I am the new girl. I have met some really nice girls and they have been good friends. I hope our friendships will continue to grow and I say this for them but, for old friendships as well. Also, I will miss this blog so much but, I understand that this blog has been going on for awhile.

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  2. What really stuck out to me was when you said, when we give friends a chance to explain, we have a chance to forgive 🙂 I L ❤ V E that!!!

    I can't wait to see where we go from here. ❤

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  3. Friendship is my only problem at school no one likes to talk to me and when I make a new friend the person end up not being my friend again even this summer a classmate insulted my hairstyle because of that I left summer camp and I was trapped at home just because of one person and what she said to me

    Great post I am sad this is going to be last post before the fare well one(I think )
    I love you all😙

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    • Hi Mariah! I am so sorry! Don’t let others get you down! (but don’t retaliate) Pray about it, and don’t let others see they hurt your feelings! Shrug your shoulders, walk away, and (if you need to) go cry somewhere else! They will stop, if they don’t see a reaction. Also, talk to a trusted adult if you don’t know what to do.
      Stay strong, I will be praying for you,

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    • Bullying is hard! I know from personal experience, you are not alone! Remember that anything mean people say about you that there’s nothing wrong with you, but with them and they are probably hurting. Even though you may not have any friends at school, you have friends here! We love you! Stay strong! I’m praying for you!

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  4. I have a problem with finding friends that are different than me. I tend to be really judgmental and don’t try to be friends with them. (its my fault not theirs)
    Larryn!!! 🙂 ❤

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