Hang Onto Your Goosebumps

Hello, Amazing Tribelet of Mini-Women! Hannah here with the last post in our series about The Lord’s Prayer. You’ve been great about participating, by the way. Thank you, ASHER, AMARISE, EVE, GRACE, VANNA, and KAELYN for being so totally honest. ALL of you rock.

Now, on to that last line …

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.


Sounds serious.  Or scary or creepy.  Sounds like maybe something that would happen in a movie, not in real life.

(Malificent was always the creepiest to me.  Totally what I think of when I think of evil!)

But Jesus was definitely talking about real life.  And He knew that temptation and evil go hand in hand.

See, evil is smart.  It knows that if it just came up to you and shoved the most evil thing in your face, you’d probably run off screaming in the other direction.  Evil would never win that way.nervous-girl

So instead it sends temptation.

  • Temptation reminds you that sitting by yourself is lonely, and maybe you ought to just eat lunch with that group of iffy kids, who’ve been inviting you to their lunch table.

  • It reminds you that falling behind in school will make your parents mad or disappointed, and that you know you could get the answers for a test from one of your friends.cheating

  • It reminds you that your little brother or sister ALWAYS goes into your room without asking and yelling at them is the only way to fix it.

  Temptation is sneaky like that.  It reminds us of we’re feeling right now (lonely without friends, stressed about grades, angry at your brother or sister) and tries to distract us from how much worse we’ll feel if we actually go through with it.embarrassed-3

Jesus knew that we would be tempted sometimes to do the wrong thing.  Even Jesus got tempted by hunger and loneliness.  And being tempted isn’t wrong. It’s just good to have this prayer to remind us that God doesn’t just protect us from evil – He delivers us from it.  He gets us OUT of that situation.       special-delivery

God makes a group of friendly people start noticing that you seem to be alone, and one of them reaches out to you.  God helps you focus on your studying for your test, so you can get the best grade possible. arguing God’ll make you think of a way to talk to your little sibling that can end with neither of you being mad anymore, maybe by taking them outside for a walk instead of talking in the house.  (I don’t know about you, but I talk to people so much better outside, walking side by side.  Just saying.)

There is no temptation out there that God doesn’t have answer for.  He will always keep a side door open for you to run out.  running-awayThere is always another way to solve a problem you’re having.

Jesus also knew something about the disciples — something that we all do today: they were going to feel WAY guilty for having bad thoughts.  Instead of realizing that those thoughts are temptations (temptations that they needed to PRAY away), they were just going to look at themselves as bad people.  They would take themselves on a guilt trip, and who knows if they would ever come back!guilty

That’s why He knew when we pray, we need to remember to ask God about our bad thoughts.  About our temptations.  And to ask Him to deliver us from them.  We need to remember that we don’t walk ANYwhere in life alone, and God is always there to call on.

And Mini-Women, if you ever give in to temptation – look at what I just said.  God is ALWAYS there to call on.  Delivering us, saving us from evil is what He does.  And we’re His kids, so He wants to help us.  He wants us to pray for help.


So in your Talking to God journals this week, tell God  what this section of the prayer makes you think of.  What’s a temptation in your life that could lead to evil, and you want God’s help in making sure it never gets that far?  Or if you’ve given in to temptation, talk to God about how you know He’s going to be faithful and deliver you from it.

And if you want to comment, text-balloonif you want to share, tell us if there’s a temptation in your life that we can pray about for you.  Or tell us about a time that God showed you a better way to solve a problem, instead of giving in and making a bad choice.

Love you mini-women!  I’m so glad our God is a hero, who loves to deliver us!

Blessings, Hannah

NOTES FROM NANCY: (1) Mini-Makers drawings, stories, etc. due March 13. Email to me at this email addy. (2) Our next series, starting next Wednesday, is on FRIEND stuff. You won’t want to miss THAT!BFFs



No Trespassing! But If You Do …

Good morning, my amazing Tribelet of Mini-Women! On our walk this morning, Geneveve and I discovered this sign.


It’s PERFECT for today’s post. God-thing, maybe?

Seriously. We’ve come to the part of the Lord’s Prayer that says:

“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

I don’t know about you, but when I think of “trespassing”, I think of going onto somebody else’s property. You’re seen the signs, right?




You might even have put one like it on your bedroom door … or at least wanted to! keep-outHere’s the deal: we need to be respectful of other people and their:



PROPERTY (that includes my SOCKS, Geneveve!)




When we aren’t, that’s trespassing. When we call somebody a name or exclude them in a mean way or give them a shove (yes, that includes bossy older sisters), it’s the same as if we get into their personal journal or go through their closet or flush their homework down the toilet (Don’t try that. Your parents will have to call the plumber.)

And, yeah,  no matter how hard we try to be awesome — and we don’t actually try ALL the time, right? — we’re going to trespass on somebody’s rights or space or self. When we do, that separates us from God, who won’t participate in that kind of thing with us — and that’s called “sin.”( sin = separation from God)

In fact, in some versions of the Lord’s Prayer it even says “Forgive us our sins.lords-prayer-translation In others it’s translated as “Forgive us our debts.” When we take something from somebody — their rights, their dignity, their confidence, that kind of thing — we owe them. That’s a debt.

No matter what you call it, we need to be forgiven for it. When Jesus taught this prayer to his disciples, he was telling them (and us!) that all they had to do was go to God and ask for that forgiveness. Obviously when we do that, we have to mean it. gen-sock (And I’m not sure Geneveve does …) We have to REPENT, which is the same as saying we’re willing to do things differently next time. But we don’t have to PROVE to God that we’re worthy of forgiveness. We can’t do that. We only need to say, “I am SO sorry. Will You wipe that out of Your memory? Will You help me do better?”

The answer will always be “Yes.”

Okay, so we’re done, right? As my granddaughter says, “Easy Peasy.” lounging-at-target-2017

Um,  not quite. There’s a second part to this line of the Prayer:

As we forgive those who trespass against us.”


Yeah, it’s not all on God’s side. When we believe in God,  we make a covenant with him. God forgives us. But we have to forgive other people when THEY trespass against US.

And it totally happens, doesn’t it? You could probably make a list right now of 5 things that have been done to you recently. Here’s mine:


If we’re still holding onto those hurts and pieces of anger and even some I’ll-get-back-at-hers, how can we expect God to let go of OURS? It’s a two-way thing. God isn’t asking us to (a) be perfect or (b) not feel bad when people sin against us. God IS asking us to forgive them.


What does that mean exactly? You can’t just turn off your feelings and say to that bully, “Aw, that’s okay,” when it really isn’t. Here’s what forgiving somebody means:

     * You don’t wish that person harm. Yeah, that girl called you “Fat Butt” on the bus, and it hurt. But forgiving means not hoping something heavy will fall on her. Soon.

   * You don’t try to get back at the person.  Just because he wounded you doesn’t mean you get to wound him back. It’s not an eye for an eye. It’s turn the other cheek, as you walk away.forgiving-gen

  * You don’t keep feeding the memory of it in your mind. If you do that, it just keeps getting bigger until it starts eating YOU. Starve it instead. Chew on other, better, healthier  stuff.

   * Pray for the person who hurt you. It’s really hard to keep  hating somebody you’re talking to God about.

  * Ask God to help you learn from the hurt and let it go. It may take a lot of asking, but there is no limit to the number of times you can go to God with it. Seventy-times-seven is a symbol for as-many-times-as-you-need-to.

See what that does? It keeps you talking to God. So let’s do that now. Let’s go to our Talking To God Journals (like ASHER’S) and lay out all that forgiveness that needs to be happening, either TO us or BY us.


If you want to post a comment — and we hope you do! — tell us about one hurt you’ve been keeping alive for some time now (you don’t have to go into detail if you’re not comfortable; you can just say something like, “That thing my old best friend did to me.”) OR something you just now confessed to God (again, you don’t have to be specific; maybe “I have been really sassy with my mom.”) How are you feeling now?

I HOPE you feel awesome, Mini-Women, because you are.

DON’T FORGET: Mini-Makers creative stuff is due March 13! If you don’t know what this means — like our newest Tribelet member AMARISE (welcome!) — just click here: Calling All Mini-Writers!

(even though it’s not just for writers – we want photographers, artists, poets, song writers and creative thinkers too0!) Be inspired by SAVANNAH, whose photo I missed Tuesday! savannah-feb


Nancy Rue

Friday Is Your Day


Hello, my amazing Tribelet of Mini- Women! Since I just posted Mini-Makers yesterday (you DID see it, didn’t you?) I thought I’d give you all a chance to catch up on that before I put up another post. So …

We’ll see you here Friday, yes? We’re going to talk about FORGIVING, so be thinking about little brothers and older sisters and absurd little creep boys and cranky fathers and irritable mothers and teachers who just don’t get it — and all the other people you might need to forgive.

If that gets to feel like too much of a bummer, get out that Talking To God Journal and start writing. It might TAKE you ’til Friday!

Blessings, Nancy Rue

February Mini-Makers … and an Announcement … and a Challenge!


Good morning, amazing Tribelet of Mini-Women! I love it that Mini-Makers Day is also Valentine’s Day. I’m celebrating by being, well, creative …

And eating chocolate, because that’s what you DO on Valentine’s Day. Plus, the occasional square of dark chocolate increases your imagination. (I made that up but it works for me!)

By the way, that’s my Talking To God Journal on the left side of the picture. I use a big sketchbook and every morning I decorate three pages and then fill them up writing to God. The Calendar thingie is my bookmark. God and I start every day creating together. So see? I don’t just tell you that you oughta write in a journal. I do it too.

Now, what’s on the agenda at Tween You and Me today?

     ♥ Showcasing this month’s Mini-Makers with prompts for your comments

     ♥ Making sure your comments are coming through

     ♥ Getting your challenge for next month’s Mini-Makers post

     ♥ Making an announcement you won’t want to miss




♥ EVE sent us this GORGEOUS photo of a single blossom.

    WHAT I LOVE: The fact that Eve notices this one tiny piece of God’s world in the middle of plainness. I’m thinking we’re ALL like this teeny flower.

  IF YOU WANT TO COMMENT: Tell Eve what this itty bitty blossom reminds YOU of. The best photography takes us someplace inside ourselves. 

♥ CORINNE submitted a little bit of  Chapter One of the book she’s writing. It’s longer than what I usually post, but since we didn’t have as many submissions this time, I’m publishing the whole thing. I give you Here’s Anastasia —

Chapter 1: The Problem





                Do they even realize I’m only one person?!? They’re wearing my “beautiful” name out!! Who should I go see first? Addie sounded pretty upset.

But she didn’t even have to tumble off her bed to see the upset, flushed face of her 12-year-old sister.

“Have you been in my room recently?!?”

Before Anastasia could even answer, her sister yelled again.

“Well!!! What do you have to say for yourself?!? You took my ‘Marco Vincent’ poster didn’t you?!?”

Before Anastasia could even THINK about her answer, her mom walked in.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who said Anastasia took your poster?”

“Well, she’s always teasing me about my boyfriends, so-“

“So, what? You’re accusing her of taking your poster? Listen, you can’t blame your sister for everything!” said Mom.

Her sister stomped out of the room before she could say anything, yet again.

                Well, that’s that! Thank you Mom!!! Wait…oh no!!!

“Ugh. Not another load!!”

“Yes, another load. Now, did you take your sister’s poster?”

“Mom, no!! Of course I didn’t!! Why did you think that??”

“Well, who else would?”

“I would, along with all of her other posters,” said Dad as he joined them on Anastasia’s bed. As if on cue, there came a scream from Addie’s room. And there she was. Her face was bright red, and she looked like she was having trouble breathing.

“How could you?!! Do you all think this is funny?!! Is this some kind of joke?!? I don’t think it’s funny!! How CAN it be funny??! You took ALL my posters!!!”

“Watch your words, young lady!” warned Dad.

“Ok. Hold up. Let’s take this to the family room; we’ll sort it out in there. Anastasia, you won’t need to come for this one,” her mom said sternly.

   WHAT I LOVE: This is so REAL! The dialogue sounds just like people talking, and I can actually SEE what’s going on.  Corinne is a writer with a future as an author.

   IF YOU WANT TO COMMENT: Tell Corinne how close her story is to YOUR real life.

♥ Speaking of Real Life, ASHER created a drawing of the main character in my book Boyfriends, Burritos and an Ocean of Trouble .


   WHAT I LOVE: why would I NOT love that Asher drew something from one of my books? And the best part? This girl looks just as I imagined Bryn when I was writing about her!

    IF YOU WANT TO COMMENT: Does  seeing this drawing make you want to read the book? NOTE: The Real Life series is for teen readers, so if you’re 13 or older, go for it! rl-book-cover

♥ JOHNNA sent us a snippet that says as much as an entire book!

I’ve come to realize something,

Nobody’s perfect, no.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t shine and glow!

     WHAT I LOVE: Johnna’s quotable quote sums up my whole ministry! It’s all I talk about in my writing and speaking.

     IF YOU WANT TO COMMENT: Tell us in what small way you’re going to shine and glow today, even though you aren’t perfect.

  ♥ Finally, we have KATE’S incredible winter photo. I hope the scene you’re looking out on this February day is just as beautiful. kate-tree-photo-5

   WHAT I LOVE: Sometimes we wish winter would hurry up and be over. Kate makes me appreciate today, when the trees are naked enough for us to see the sky.

   IF YOU WANT TO COMMENT: What’s your favorite thing about winter that Kate’s picture makes you think of?


We’re having some trouble with Mini-Women’s comments not coming through. If yours aren’t showing up, please email me and let me know. We don’t want anybody to be left out.



What can you create that shows how “lucky” (that really means God-blessed) you are?

♣ Poem?

♣ Song?

♣ Part of a story?

♣ Drawing?

♣ Photo?

♣ A picture taken of your blessings, kind of like what I did in my journal picture at the beginning of this post?



Melle and I are putting together a TALKING TO GOD JOURNAL!

This will be a special published journal with prompts from me and drawings by Melle and places for you to express yourself in all kinds of ways.

Does that sound like something you’d want to have?

Let us know, and join in with us along the way! 

  Again, Happy Valentine’s Day, Tribelet.


Nancy Rue ♥♥♥ and Geneveve too.  valentine-gen

Give Us Our Daily Bread … And Other Stuff

refrigerator Hello, amazing Tribelet of Mini-Women. Hannah, here. Welcome back to our series on what you didn’t know about The Lord’s Prayer and how it ACTUALLY applies to your very own tween life.

Okay, so I want you to think about your fridge right now.

Yep, I’m serious!  How much food is in there?  Do your parents already have dinner prepped?  Maybe there’s some leftover dessert from a few days ago that you’ve had your eye on… chocolate-2016

Maybe it’s kind of bare and you’re hoping someone goes grocery shopping soon!

Either way, there’s probably something in there right?

What if it wasn’t that way, though?

What if every morning you woke up, it was completely bare, and you had to wait for someone to bring you food?


Every morning, maybe even before the sun was up, you’d hear a knock on your door and there would be the deliveryman.  He would have everything you’d need for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and maybe he’d have some snacks thrown in there too.

But just enough for that day.  No extra.  He’d wave goodbye and say, “See ya, same time tomorrow!”

Seems a little silly right?  Why doesn’t he just bring enough for a week?  For a month?

God is the same way.

  You probably all know this part from the Lord’s Prayer:  “Give us this day our daily bread.”bread-2

There are lots of ways we could take that. Here’s my way:

I think that’s God’s way of saying He’ll take care of us day by day.  Each day, He’ll give you enough strength, enough joy and enough peace to get through that day.  Let tomorrow worry about itself right?

Jesus said it himself:

So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. – Matthew 6:34

You’re moving through today.  You’re counting on God for that math test in the morning, gym class in the afternoon, and Him keeping you calm and kind to your family when you get home, like when your little brother or sister went in your room without asking.  SaraAgain.  So God is there for all of that, and then you go to sleep and God is right there in the morning to pick it back up again.

So that verse above is pretty straight forward.  Don’t worry about tomorrow, focus on today.

  But do you know the verse that comes right before that?

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. – Matthew 6:33


There we go.  It’s not enough for God to say “Don’t worry about tomorrow!”  That wouldn’t be very helpful, especially to those of us who just seem to worry right away as soon as a problem comes up.  (I’m preaching to myself now!)  Like when your math teacher announces the test and your first thought is how bad your grade is going to be.  sharing-fearOr when the gym teacher announces that he hopes everyone is ready to run their best mile time and all you can imagine is you at the back of group, struggling to keep up.  We go to our worry-zone pretty quick sometimes, and God knows that.  And He knows just telling us not to worry might not be enough.

Instead, He gives us directions for how to do that in the verse right before.  Seek the Kingdom of God.  Seek a righteous life.  And THEN all those things (all the stuff you were worried about) will be added unto you.

The cool part is God usually “adds all those things” in much better ways than we could have planned.

  •  Worried about passing your math test?  He isn’t a fairy that just waves a wand and makes you smarter, but He will take ALL the stress out of it if you ask Him.  He’ll give you peace and a calm about it, and your mind will be clear to remember as much as you can.Asian girl

  • Worried about looking silly in gym class?  He may not make you magically athletic, but maybe He’ll send you a friend who isn’t so great at running either, so you two can giggle at each other and make it fun as you try your best.

See, praying to God about your math test, (seeking Him) and being kind to others in (righteous living) in gym class so you make a friend – that’s what He’s after.  That’s how He sends that daily bread.  When you seek Him, He responds.  In His own way.  Day by day.altar

If you want to write in your Talking To God Journal, tell God what worries you have today. Doesn’t matter how small they might seem to somebody else — if they’re on your mind, God wants to hear about them. ALL OF THEM.


Then instead of asking God to wave that Divine Magic Wand and whisk them all away, ask for some help solving them.

If you want to post a comment — and we hope you do — tell us the biggest ol’ worry that’s gnawing at you. We’ll ALL pray for that “daily bread” for all of us. Just for today. gen-bbone-1  And don’t forget that MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13 is the deadline for emailing Nancy with your stories, poems, songs, drawings and photographs for this month’s Mini-Makers post on February 14. Be sure to be there — she’s going to make an ANNOUNCEMENT!

Blessings, Hannah


Heaven and Hallowing and Kingdom Come

prayingHello, awesome Tribelet of MIni-Women!  Thanks for saying you’re in for our new series on that prayer we all learned as little kids but maybe don’t totally understand (whew! big breath) We’re talking about the Lord’s Prayer, and if you missed Wednesday’s post, just click here to check it out .

Today we’re going to hunker down with the first several lines of the prayer: “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” I don’t know about you, but there are a couple of words and phrases in there that I used to say without really knowing that they meant. question marks 2

    * What exactly is “hallowed?” That’s not a word we use a whole lot when we’re hanging out with our friends.

* What does God’s “kingdom coming” look like? Are we talking castles and stuff? (that’s the picture I used to get in my mind; maybe I was just a weird kid…)kingdom-come

  *And, um, God’s will?  Who even KNOWS what that is? Aren’t people wrestling with that all the time?

So let’s take each phrase and I’ll  (a) tell you what I’ve learned it means and (b) help you apply it to your own mini-woman life. Are you with me?

*“Our Father”

     WHAT IT MEANS:Some people have a hard time right away with that, because their fathers here on earth aren’t wonderful or they don’t even have one. daddy-daughter

   MAKE IT REAL FOR YOU: But if you think of the most amazing father who could possibly be your dad (maybe it’s your actual great Daddy, times 100), that’s God. Makes you feel safe and loved and accepted, doesn’t it?

* “Who art in heaven”

     WHAT IT MEANS: “Art” is another word we don’t use now (do you say to your friend, “How art thou?”) but you get the idea, right? God IS “in heaven” — which also creates a problem for some people. Makes it sound like God is far away, up in the sky someplace and we’re way down here where we can’t reach God.  But “Heaven” pretty much means “perfect.” heaven

MAKE IT REAL FOR YOU: If you were living a heavenly life, what would that look like? We’re not talking ice cream for every meal and so many friends you couldn’t text them all in one day.  This is the kind of perfect where you don’t make mistakes. Where you’re never scared or annoyed or mean to your little brother. That’s God.

* “Hallowed be thy name.”

WHAT IT MEANS:  “Hallowed” is an awesome word. Too bad we don’t use it much these days — and maybe we should. When you hallow something or someone, you honor it. You worship it. You keep it sacred. So actually we should really only “hallow” God, and in this case, the very name of God. whisperIt’s like we want to whisper it and be very careful how we use it, because it represents the most holy being ever.

MAKE IT REAL FOR YOU: Is the name “God” sacred to you? Do you use it with reverence, or is it kind of a casual thing? Can you think of a way to honor the actual name “God” today?

* “Thy kingdom come,”  

WHAT IT MEANS: God’s kingdom isn’t just “in heaven”. It’s also here. On earth. That’s what Jesus came to show us. We don’t have to be separate from God unless we choose to be.earth-in-hands In fact, sin actually means “separation from God.” So yeah, we totally want to pray that the kingdom will come. To us. As we connect with our Father.

MAKE IT REAL FOR YOU: Do you feel like you’re in God’s kingdom, or are you staying outside of it for some reason? Maybe you think you have to be pretty much perfect before you show up to talk to God. (not a thing, my loves) Or could it be that you’re too busy to have talk-to-God time or it’s boring or your mind wanders and you’re suddenly thinking about what color to paint your toenails. Just knock on the gates. God will open them.


*“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

WHAT IT MEANS:  Basically God’s will is that we stay really, really connected with God. When we do that, we don’t have to freak out about whether God wants us to become a missionary or a doctor or an under water basket weaver. We don’t need to worry if it’s God’s will for us to play soccer or be in the robot club or take ballet. So why do we ask this? We’re really asking God to keep us so close that we’ll know what’s good and right to do.

MAKE IT REAL FOR YOU:  Is there a decision you’re trying to make or a situation you’re in that’s confusing you? inner-critic-asher  Can you get really quiet with God and ask for help? Then whatever you decide, however you handle things, as long as it doesn’t go against what God wants for all of us, it will be in God’s heavenly will.

If you want to write in your Talking To God Journal, use any of the questions here in the post. journalSee what I meant when I said to really pray the Lord’s Prayer it should take you 20 minutes!?

If you want to make a comment — and we hope you do — tell us one thing you now know about the Lord’s Prayer that you didn’t know before. OR share an “Aha” about your own life that came to you while you were, well, praying!girl on computer

ONE MORE THING:  Don’t forget that Monday, February 13 is the deadline for getting your creations to me for this month’s Mini-Makers post. click here for all the info.


Nancy Rue

NEW SERIES! So You Think You Know It By Heart …

memorizeHello-o-o-o Tribelet of Mini-Women! Happy February — the month you see hearts EVERYWHERE.  row-of-hearts Here on the blog these next four weeks we’re going to talk about something you probably know BY HEART.

  Learning something “by heart” of course means you memorize it. Kind of weird, isn’t it? Why don’t we say “learn by head” since what we’re committing to memory is (hopefully!) going to stay in our brains, not in our chests? brain-loveThe reason is that the ancient Greeks believed the heart organ was where intelligence and memory came from. The expression “learn by heart” was passed down through the ages and has stuck even though now we think of the heart as the place where emotions and feelings live. Who knew?

The reason I just spent a whole paragraph giving you that little piece of trivia is this: most of you probably know THE LORD’S PRAYER by heart.heart-candy You could most likely recite it on demand, in your sleep and while actually thinking about tacos.      You absolutely know it … “by head”. But do you know it “by heart?”


     Here’s what I mean:

     ♥  do you really understand what each line of the prayer means for YOU? understand

     ♥  do you get that Jesus gave it to the disciples as an OUTLINE when they asked him to teach them how to pray?     outline

     ♥ do you see that to really pray the Lord’s Prayer should take you about 20 minutes?       20-minutes-2

    That’s why every week in February Hannah and I are going to take each part of this prayer-we-think-we-know and show you how you can do those three ♥ things. In case you’re thinking, “This sounds like a Sunday School class … is it going to be bor-ring? I KNOW all this stuff!” …boring(a) It’s going to be all about YOU! and God. Since when is that a drag?

(b) The Talking To God Journal prompts and comment challenges are going to ROCK  sketchbook

(c)  This could actually change some things for you

AND (d) Seriously? It’s Hannah and me. I mean, right?hannah

 ♥ SO this post is your introduction to our new series.

♥  FRIDAY there will be another weekly post about the first  4 lines, and we think that post is going to make you go, “I didn’t know THAT!” friday

 ♥ If you want to write in your TALKING TO GOD JOURNAL, tell God which parts of the prayer give you trouble. Maybe you don’t understand them or you find it hard to believe praying them is going to make things happen or you just get all prickly about them. ashers-girl-writing-in-journal For instance, it might be tough to pray “as we forgive others” when we, um, don’t actually FORGIVE other people. Or maybe it’s hard to say, “Thy will be done” when we’re afraid God’s will and ours won’t exactly be the same ….

A cool way to do that is to write out the prayer in your journal (with doodles and stickers and colored pens, of course) and make notes in the margin. Make it fun!

♥  commentIf you want to LEAVE A COMMENT — and we hope you do — tell us (a) whether you’re in for this series and (b) what part of the Lord’s Prayer you want to learn more about because you don’t understand it or you don’t WANT to pray it or whatever else. Remember, this is a safe community where nobody is going to judge you. If we don’t ask our questions and express our doubts, we don’t get answers.

♥ ONE MORE THING:  Monday, February 13 is the deadline for your artwork, stories, poems, songs, photographs and other creative stuff for this month’s MINI-MAKERS POST. You can email them to me at this email addy.  story-telling If you have no idea  what I’m talking about, just click here.

Until Friday, blessings,

Nancy Rue