What do YOU want to talk about?

helloo Helloooo, Tribelet!

A few things on this Wednesday afternoon together: (1) I think some of you had trouble seeing last week’s video, so here it is, my mini-women“Am I Bullying My Parents?” If you still have trouble seeing it, please email me by clicking here.

I’m also thinking we may need to make a new list of things YOU would like to talk about when it comes to :

    * bullying of any kind

    * friendship problems

   *family problems  girl with question marks

So between now and the Wednesday AFTER Thanksgiving … which is  DECEMBER 2 … tell us THREE THINGS YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT HERE ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS WITH NANCY.




That will give me plenty of time to come up with our next couple of series. Does that sound like a plan?

So sit your sweet self down at your computer (oh, I guess you’re already there)girl on computer

and give us your list. This is, after all, YOUR blog, right.

Will you do that? Awesome!!!


Nancy Rue, the Eldest of the Elders






Melody and friendsHello, Tribelet!

Welcome back to Wednesday Afternoons With Nancy, where we talk about everything related to bullying … even the kind that happens at home. (Gulp)

You’ve been talking a lot lately about how hard it is to realize you’re bullying your own family members and, even worse, how hard it is NOT to! So even though we’ve talked about not bullying moms before, Tribelet Elder Melody and I thought this would be a good time to underline that with one of our Mini-Videos for Mini-Women.

By the way, Melody is one of the girls in the picture above. See if you can guess which one she is by shirt color. We’ll let Melody tell you the answer next time!

Meanwhile, settle in and watch Am I Bullying My Parents? Then tell us if YOU have been tearing off pieces of somebody in your house.

We’ll still love you if you report in with a “yes.” In fact, we’ll love you so much, we’ll even help you figure out ways to keep your home-attitude positive and unbullying. For, like, ever.

Here we go!


Nancy Rue, the Eldest of the Elders

What If Your Friend is Mean … But Not To You?


Hello, Tribelet! Was Sara’s story last week awesome, or what? You were great friends to her, pouring on the praise she deserved. She’s such a good writer that I think some of you (KAYLEE, maybe?) are now kind of shy about sharing YOUR creative work. Seriously? This is US. This is a safe meeting! The whole purpose of this blog is for you to have a place to tell the truth about what’s going on, especially in your mind.


They don’t have to be just about bullying. Anything that has to do with hard things in friendships or dealings with siblings works too. Remember, this is YOUR blog. We want to hear YOUR voices.

Today, though, you get to hear OURS — mine and Tribelet Elder SARAH’s. Sarah's caricatureIn this week’s video we talk about what to do when you have a CFF (that’s Close Friend Forever) who is mean to other people. When it comes to you, she’s great, but does that make it okay? If you want to watch this week’s Tribelet Elders mini-video, click the blue writing. Then come back for some things to think about.

We’re ready for YOUR thoughts:

* Have you ever had a friend or family member who was nice to you but horrible to someone else? It’s okay to admit that made you feel special (You ARE a human being, after all), but how ELSE did you feel when he or she turned that mean glare on someone?

* Why is it hard to confront a friend and say, “What WAS that you just did?” What are we afraid of?

* Have you ever found yourself picking up the not-so-awesome habits of a friend? 

* Did Sarah’s and my advice help you? girl cutouts (300x300)

Don’t forget to email me if you want to contribute  even a few special sentences to the blog. This is YOUR gallery!

Blessings, Nancy Rue, the Eldest of the Elders