August Mini Makers

Hi ladies!  We are so excited to showcase your creativity. Let’s look at what you’ve sent in for us.  Asher left her remarks (and questions for you) underneath each one.

Hi Tribelet! Asher here, I hope you’re all having an awesome summer. Mine’s been interesting but busy, and I am definitely not ready to go back to school yet!

It’s been a while since we’ve had Mini-Makers on our blog, which is why I am so excited to share this months’ entries with you!

First of all, we have LYDIA’s poem.



God is there in the sun, and in the rain.
God is there in the summer, and through the winter.
God is there in the night, and in the day.
God is there through thick and thin.
God is there standing by our side.
God is ALWAYS there.

No Matter What Happens…

I think its message is powerfully simple – it’s tough to feel like God is there all the time. When could you use the message of Lydia’s poem the most? Personally, I need it most when I feel like my prayers aren’t being answered.



Which snap do you find the most interesting? I love them all, but if I had to choose it’d be the first purple flower one. The hollow petal are so cool – Esmeralda has a great eye for detail! Does anyone know what type of flower it is?



The waves of life may be hard to sail,
But with God on your side you will prevail.
Through the ups and downs,
The goods and bads,
God will be with you,
He always has.
So hold on tight and stand strong,
Because God has been with you all along.

I love this poem as well. The idea of a friend or family member walking with me through difficult times is really comforting, and this poem is an excellent reminder that God does that as well. Which line of the poem do you like the best? The last line’s my favorite. 🙂




Aren’t they all adorable? Which one is your spirit animal? I would have to say mine is the Llama – I’m always listening to music (and bopping along when nobody’s watching)! I also love that Larryn experimented with both realistic and more cartoon-style art. Way to go!


New Beginnings

Welcome to a land where love is played-out and smiles are unwrapped every day. J This is a story about the beginning of a special friendship. It all began with a little fox, who had a red-tipped tail and a sweet face. Her name was Ellie.

One cheerful spring day, Ellie peeked her fuzzy nose out of her warm and inviting den. She was new in this little town and didn’t know the One, who had painted the sunrises and wispy, pink, clouds of dawn.

She decided that a walk outside would be nice. “And,” She giggled to herself, “maybe somebody else will be out, too. Maybe, a new friend.”

If you walked down a certain path that led to a grove of trees, you would find a very special tree. The other animals in Ellie’s village called it the Tree of Life, but no one knew who had planted it or what it did.

I found the symbolism of the ‘One’ and the ‘Tree of Life’ really interesting! I’m looking forward to finding out what they mean to Ellie later on in the story. What did this excerpt remind you of? The Tree of Life reminded me of Genesis and Revelation.

Thank you to everyone who shared their entries, it was a pleasure looking through them! I can’t wait to see what you all create next, it’s great seeing you improve as artists. 🙂

Stay creative!

Take care,



10 thoughts on “August Mini Makers

  1. First of all, I love love loved everyone’s entries, good job! Anyways I wanted to answer the questions:
    1.Lydia’s poem. I think that I definitely need it most when I’m going through hard times and I’m asking, “God, why?” This poem has such a beautiful message, I’m going to memorize it!
    2.Esmeralda’s photos. I love all of them! But my favorite would be the ocean, it’s so peaceful to look at!
    3.My poem 😉
    4. Larryn’s drawings. So soo cute! I have no idea what a spirit animal is, but I’d love to know 😃
    5.Jenna’s story. It reminded me of heaven, which made me really happy! Beautiful story, looking forward to hearing more!

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  2. 1. My Poem: When bad things are happening in the world, and it’s like “God, why can’t you fix everything?”
    2. Esmeralda’s Pictures: I love the second purple flower.
    3. Hannah’s Poem: The second line
    4. They’re all adorable! Probably the little birdy.
    5. Jenna’s Story: It reminds me of God.

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  3. Lydia- Your poem was awesome!! We could use this in our lives when we are lonely, being mistreated, or just a reminder of who God is.
    Esmeralda- I LOVE THE PICTURE OF THE OCEAN!! But, I think the most interesting one is the last one. It is a really cool shaped flower.
    Hannah- I like the line” With God on your side you will prevail.” I really loved your whole poem!!
    Larryn- YOU ARE SO TALENTED!! I would probably be either the sea turtle or the bird. I like to think that my spirit animal is a sparkly unicorn!! 🙂 🙂
    Jenna- The One reminds me of God and The Tree of Life makes me think of God’s goodness and His peace. I looked it up and the phrase, tree of life can be found in Hebrews and Proverbs.

    I will be sure to send something for next month. Also, if you have been wondering why I have not been commenting lately, I have been at camp and a conference. I am back for now!! Crazy to say this, but school starts next week for me!!

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    • Thanks! I tried to draw a unicorn but it looked like a weird blob. . . but be ready for next mini makers! 😛
      Larryn!!! 🙂 ❤
      P.S. My twin Melody is trying to get her computer to work and then she will be ready for all the upcoming posts. She will be ready for the next mini makers (amazing artist as well as musician and hair artist)

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  4. Everyone did great 😊 I start school (yikes!) I can’t believe how QUICKLY it came! Will you Please pray for me today?


  5. I just found out my best friend’s family just got into a car accident. My BFF’s mom is going to have to have surgery and my BFF’s sister (who is a friend to me) might, too. As far as I know the rest of the family is OK. Can you please pray for them?

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