Women of the Bible-Hagar

Good morning TRIBELET!!! How is your day going? I’m feeling pretty mellow because it is SUPER HOT OUT.

Can I be honest? I am having the hardest time writing this post.

I was going to talk about Hannah-who is one of my favorite women of the Bible but for some reason, I just couldn’t say what I wanted to say.

Then I tried to write about Anna, another favorite woman of mine. But once again, all I was doing was typing and deleting.

Anyone else struggle like this when they need to write a paper or work on a project? You have an idea and it’s floating around in your head but FOR THE LIFE OF YOU, you can’t get it to make sense?

That has been me all morning.

I’ve been spurting out those, “Lord, please help me write this…” kind of prayers and still nothing stuck.

SO then I prayed, “Lord, who should I write about?”

And the name Hagar came to mind.

An Egyptian Girl












And then it all clicked.

To catch you up, this month we are looking at the lives of different women of the Bible. And what we can learn from them.

Last week, Hannah wrote about Sarah. You can read the whole post here but I’ve included a little excerpt to refresh your memory:

“Sarah and Abraham were promised a baby by God. They would be the family to start the entire nation of Israel – kind of a big deal I’d say! They were blessed and they were eagerly awaiting for the baby to come along.

But then years passed. Years and YEARS of waiting and both Sarah and Abraham had basically lost hope. They were old enough to be grandparents! I’m sure they felt like maybe they had misunderstood God. They had lived their whole life and no baby had arrived.”

Now, spoiler alert…God does keep his promise. They have a son named Issac and the rest is history.

But in the middle of the waiting is where we meet Hagar.

Now honest confession…Hagar isn’t my “favorite” woman of the Bible. I don’t think anyone who has ever read her story thought, “Man, I want to be like Hagar.” But the older I get, the more I appreciate who God was to Hagar.

Hagar had a rough life.

First of all she was a slave.

Sarah’s slave.

And Sarah got a little impatient waiting for God to keep his promise (that she would have a son) so she talked Abraham into having a baby with Hagar.

Which totally backfired. (As things often do when we take situations into our own hands)

When Hagar realized she was going to have a baby, she basically rubbed it in Sarah’s face all the time. Not cool, right? This hurt Sarah’s feelings (obviously) so she retaliated by being super harsh with Hagar. Oh boy.

Sarah was so mean that Hagar finally ran away.

And that’s where things get interesting.

Image result for tree desert israel

The Bible tells us that an Angel of the Lord found Hagar in the wilderness, sitting under a tree. Can you imagine how terrible she must have felt? Alone and pregnant. A slave. In the middle of nowhere. No hope. No options. Or at least that is how things must have felt.

But it wasn’t true. Because God saw her and sent help.

The Angel basically asks, “What’s going on?”

And Hagar tells him the truth. She is running away.

The Angel tells Hagar to go back home to Sarah and to submit to her authority (stop rubbing things in her face). And then he tells her to name her baby Ishmael (God hears) because God has heard her cries of distress.

So she goes back home, has her son and then 14 years later Issac is born to Sarah.

Crazy story right?
My favorite part comes right after the Angel finds her and talks to her. The Bible tells us that after that encounter, Hagar starts calling God by a new name. She calls him “The God Who Sees Me”, which is El-roi in Hebrew.

I love this for two reasons.

  1. When we encounter God, it changes the way we see Him.
  2. God saw her sitting under that tree, all alone and feeling at the edge of her rope. He saw her. And sent help. Because that is what God does. He sees us and helps us when we cry out to him.

And to be honest, there have been many moments in life where I have felt like Hagar. Unseen. Forgotten. Alone. And God has blown me away with His faithfulness time and again when I cry out to Him in my distress.

Can you relate to Hagar? Have you been feeling unseen? Alone? Wondering where God is in a certain situation? Tell God all about it in your Talking to God Journal. Cry out to Him. He is kind. He is faithful. He cares about you.

And in the comments, we’d love to know how we can be praying for you.

Love, Love, Love






9 thoughts on “Women of the Bible-Hagar

  1. Wow, this was just that day! I am at a bible camp and am having trouble seeing my sisters acting like they have amazing relationships with God, while mine is iffy! But Hagar showed me God is always there for me!!!!!! Thank you Nancy

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  2. I will pray for you and your family. I have felt like Hagar multiple times and it is kind of distressing thinking no one is there but I hope i can rely on God more and more.

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  3. Yes! Emily, I have felt the same way! God is growing and teaching me but lots of times I sure wish this process could be sped up 🙂
    Praying for all of you!

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  4. Well, there is a little girl in our church with brain cancer and one of my friend’s grandmother has cancer too. Could you please pray for them? THANK YOU!! 🙂 🙂


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