Women of the Bible

Happy July girls!

I’m so excited for this new series; we may even revisit it later this year.

We’re talking about our favorite women of the Bible, and what their lives can teach us today.

I’m kicking things off with Sarah, the only woman in the Bible who had her name changed by God. Her name was Sarai, which means ‘my princess’.

God changed it to Sarah, which means ‘princess to all’. Which is completely awesome. Let’s dive into her story.

Sarah and Abraham were promised a baby by God. They would be the family to start the entire nation of Israel – kind of a big deal I’d say! They were blessed and they were eagerly awaiting for the baby to come along.

But then years passed. Years and YEARS of waiting and both Sarah and Abraham had basically lost hope. They were old enough to be grandparents! I’m sure they felt like maybe they had misunderstood God. They had lived their whole life and no baby had arrived.

One day Abraham had three visitors. Scripture tells us that Abraham recognized these men as either three angels or God and two angels (There’s a few theories on this, but you can check out the story for yourself in Genesis 18). He welcomes them, feeds them, and then they tell him why they came. They’re here to tell him that by this time next year Sarah will have a baby boy.

Sarah, who was listening outside the tent (just like we totally would do too), laughed to herself. “Now God? I’m way too old to have a baby now!”

The angel heard her laughing thoughts and said to Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh? Is anything too hard for God?”

(I’m assuming at this point Sarah jumped back from having her ear pressed to the tent wall!)

Of course you girls know the rest. They did indeed have a little boy named Isaac (which means laughter-how perfect!) and the nation of Israel had begun.

Women of the Bible - Sarah

God kept His promise AND made the birth of this little boy a miraculous one, just because He could.

Mini women, God made them a promise and He did deliver. But it was on His timing and He waited until it could be called a miracle. He didn’t follow our usual idea of how life should go.

Girls God cares about you and I know He has great and unique plans for each of you. He knows the deepest desires of your heart and I believe it is good and right for you to pray for what you want your future to look like.

Just know that if God has His own plans, He’ll have his own timetable also. His timing is perfect. You trust in Him, and wait patiently, and He will honor you, just like He did for Sarah.

Women of the Bible - Sarah Verse

In the comments below, tell us what you’re trusting God to help you with. And then we all can pray for each other to have patience while we’re waiting!


18 thoughts on “Women of the Bible

  1. I’m trusting God to help me deal with life right now. Lately I have been having nightmares and haven’t been able to sleep. I also have noticed that my hair has been falling out really easily and at random times I get really dizzy. I have been relying on God to help give me strength and guide me through these hard times.
    Happy Fourth of July! If you’re in North America, if not, well, it’s a nice July fourth! 🙂 😀
    Praying for ya’ll!
    Larryn!!! 🙂 ❤


  2. I will be praying for you Larryn! Mine is somewhat similar. It started about 4 weeks ago when I got hit in the head with a volleyball. I had a concussion and finally, I started getting better… only to be hit in the head again a few days later. This started another wave of headaches and for about 2 weeks I’ve had the worst migraines. (Anybody got ideas about things that help with those?) long story short, I get a bad migraine around 6:00 at night and the pain makes it basically impossible to sleep. It starts to subside around 11:30. Then I sleep in segments of two hours, waking up every time😕 This has been my new schedule for 3 nights in a row. I could really use prayer and strength!! But I am super thankful for those 5 hours where I can talk to God. ☺️

    Thank you for the amazing post, Hannah. It’s so great to have you back😁

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  3. I am on vacation and about to have my youth mission trip. I have really missed you all!! I have not even read this post yet or some of the one before it. I will do it when I have the time. I will be back around the third week of July. PRAYERS FOR MY YOUTH MISSION TRIP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!

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  4. Yes! I will be praying for you and your youth group😁 I can’t wait to hear about it❤️ Do you know if you’re blog is okay? For a week or so it hasn’t been opening… have a great and blessed trip!


  5. I will pray for all of you. It is tough because my dad just recently got a concussion and is having difficulties going to work. He works at a mine and just recently he had to do 12 hour days and his concussion is really bugging him. Can you all pray that the mine comes off strike and my dads concussion heals up nice?


  6. I am going to a private school this upcoming school year and well, I am signed up for their half-day homeschool program but, I am not in full time yet. We are believing that God will help me get in full time but, it might not be at the beginning of the school year, like we wanted. God’s timing is perfect so, I am just trusting Him. 🙂


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