From the Pens and Sketchbooks and Cameras of the Mini-Makers!

  Asher April

Hello, my amazing Tribelet of Mini-Women. Today’s a pretty huge day for us: the day we showcase your creative work from BOTH April AND May. You rock, Mini-Makers.

And what better way to start than with ASHER’S awesome drawing? We’ve seen a lot of Asher’s work here on Tween You and Me — some of it over and over because it works so well. In this latest drawing I think you’ll see Asher experimenting more and growing as an artist.

    What do you see different in the above drawing than in her past work?  Asher girls 

KAELYN wrote a poem for us this time …

                                                           My Rock

                                        I have a rock who is mighty and strong

                                        My rock will stay with me my whole life long

                                        My rock will serve and protect as a mighty shield

                                        My rock will protect me on the chaotic battle field

                                        My rock I will cherish with all my heart

                                        My rock will not let me fall apart

                                        My rock will protect me from the mighty waves

                                        My rock will hide me from the enemy’s gaze

                                        My rock is there when I can’t find my way

                                        My rock will always be my stay

 I love Kaelyn’s metaphor of the rock, which of course stands for _____

SAVANNAH’S photograph gives us another metaphor:

Savannah April Why is the way Savannah placed the steeple so perfect?

We have a lot of tributes to God this time. Here’s one from GRACE:

I Love God


I love God because his love shines through.

When I worship him in song and in prayer too!

His love is redeeming, graceful and kind.

And it’s always reassuring to have him by my side!


One thing I love about EVE are her delightful wildlife photos. Look at that BABY!

eve may

What do you want to do when you look at Eve’s photograph?

I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for the next installment of THIRZAH’S story. And here it is!

I searched box after box with no luck. then in a dusty corner (I knew it was dusty because I couldn’t stop sneezing), I came across an old trunk, it was made out of sturdy oak and had two bands of brass supporting the hinges. I tried to open it but it was locked, I searched the attic from top to bottom trying to find the key but couldn’t find it anywhere! I realized I had a bobby-pin in my hair, so I thought I’d pick the lock. I took out my bobby-pin to pick the lock, and there was the key, in the lock.

Needless to say, I spent about 30 seconds silently yelling at myself for not noticing the big golden key right-smack-in-the-middle of the keyhole. Once I finished scolding myself, I turned the key in the lock and opened the trunk.

Mystery and humor make a great combination. Were you expecting that solution to the problem?

I HAD to showcase OLIVIA’S kitty photos as a series.

Olivia April 3Olivia April

OIlivia AprilOlivia APRIL 4

  What do you think Gray Kitty is saying in each of the pictures?

 KAELYN gave us this acrostic, which shows you can say a lot in a few words:




Unconditional Love

Son of God

And the first letter of each line spells ___________________

JENNA is doing some really imaginative things with her photos.

Jenna April And some daring things too. Jenna May Which of the two is your favorite?

VERONICA’S  drawing is so good I plan to use it in one of our Friendship posts.

Veronica May What title would you give Veronica’s sketch?

HALLE has given us the perfect way to close out our Mini-Makers Showcase. Why do you think I say that?

Halle April

I’m so proud of all of you. Your work is so REAL, and I love putting it out here for you all to see. Now, help us out, will you?

     * I’ve tried to include everything you sent in for April and May, but with the surgery I may have missed something. Please email me by clicking here if I’ve left out something you submitted. I’ll fix that! 

   *  Be sure to comment on the items in red — and anything else you want to say about this great stuff. All positive — we’re not here to critique, right? This is a celebration of art. 

  *  If you want to share your drawings, photos, paintings, stories (200 words max), or poems for the June Mini-Makers Showcase, please get them to me (Nancy) by Friday, June 9. For more information, just click here: Calling All Mini-Writers!

Be sure to come back on Wednesday, May 24 for the first post in our next friendship series: When Friendship Goes Wrong. Hannah and I are here for you!


Nancy Rue


11 thoughts on “From the Pens and Sketchbooks and Cameras of the Mini-Makers!

  1. Asher- I love it! The shading is really amazing! You are a growing artist. Keep it up!
    My poem- Can you guess what the rock stands for?
    Savannah- I really love how like the steeple is pointing up to the sky; to heaven.
    Grace- What a really fun poem! It is so true what you said about Papa God, our Father.
    Eve- I think your photograph of the baby deer really captures its curious and peaceful spirit. I just want to be really quite and grab a handful of grass to give to that sweet deer.
    Thirzah- I didn’t think that she would find the key already in the key hole, that is for sure! 🙂 Nice twist! 🙂
    Olivia- I love cats so much! In the first picture the grey is saying,” This plant looks quite tasty actually.” In the second picture, ” Can you give me cuddles?” In the third picture, ” GIVE ME SOME MILK NOW!!!” In the fourth picture, the grey cat is saying, ” This is comfy. ZZZ”’
    My acrostic- Guess what is spells?
    Jenna- I like your first picture because it looks like you used a lot of resources and it is quite creative. I love the second one because it is so beautiful and it capture’s God’s creation so well. The second picture was my favorite.
    Veronica- I would call your drawing ” A Friend Loves at All Times.” It is really good. Keep up the good work! 🙂
    Halle- That is a really creative picture. We all need to have joy in our lives. Awesome job!


  2. Asher: your new drawing is so pretty and realistic.
    Kaelyn: I love how you made a poem about a rock and how Jesus is our rock and steeple and how you got some of the atributes of Jesus and when you put them together they spell his name
    Eve: how you took a picture of that baby dear and wrote about God into your beautiful poem
    Thirzah: I love how you took the unexpected and made it into a soulition to your story
    Jenna:my favorite picture you took was of the pretty birds nest with the eggs
    Halle: I love how you highlighted a page in your bible and how you drew joy at the end

    Btw Veronica was me again I forgot to write my name on the email I sent to miss Nancy.So if you see the name Veronica again it’s probably me


  3. Olivia:i love how the cat looks unique in every picture and how it looks like it’s tired in one and playfull in another! Ps sorry I missed you in my other comment


  4. hi. this is my first time posting here. i’m really excited to be here!
    Asher: i absolutely L❤️VE your drawing. it is so beautiful.
    Thirzah: your story is so cool and interesting.😀
    Jenna: my favorite is the picture of the bird”s nest with eggs in it.
    love esmeralda


  5. Welcome Esmeralda! It’s great to have you here. 😀
    Kaelyn, does the rock in your poem also stand for Jesus? I loved it, especially the line “My Rock will protect me from the mighty waves.” Grace, your poem was sweet too!
    Savannah, your steeple photo was beautiful! It looks like it’s pointing up to heaven. 🙂
    Eve, it’s so cool that you could take a photo of a deer! I would love to see one one day. Jenna, my favourite was your bird egg photo. I especially like how you included your finger in the shot.
    Tizrah, I really enjoyed the descriptions and unexpected plot twist in your story.
    Olivia, your cats are adorable. The gray one looks like he’s saying, “everything in here is mine!” 😉
    Veronica, I would title your sketch “The Tribelet,” since the girls look like Tori and Ophelia from Miss Nancy’s ‘So Not Okay.’ 🙂
    Halle, I love how you did your artwork on your Bible! That’s awesome!

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