The On Again Off Again Friend


Hellooooo, Tribelet! Welcome back to Wednesdays with Nancy where we talk about EVERYTHING having to do with Bullying and Friendship Flubs.

And speaking of “everything”, you came up with an AMAZING list of topics for us to talk about in the weeks — maybe even MONTHS — to come! Here’s what we have so far, all from YOU:

1. How to solve being disrespectful to parents
2. What to do when a close friend isn’t talking to you and she won’t tell you why.
3. What to do when one of your friends doesn’t like/ agree with another one of your friends.
4. Gossip. It can sneak up on you without you knowing! What do you do once you already gossiped something nasty?
5. Friends. How do you tell your CFF they ARE actually BULLYING?
6. Bullying yourself. What do I do about that? How do I tell a friend she is bullying herself? What advice do you have I could give my CFF?
7. What to do about your friends ignoring you.
8. What to do when your friends don’t seem interested in YOU.
9. And what to do when your friends are acting like they are ‘grown up’.
10. What do you do when the gossip is about you?
11. What Bible verses should we remember if we are bullied?
12. What should we do if there is no one to help you if you or you see someone else being bullied.
13. What ideas can we make anti bullying even more prominent in our school including boys as well?
14. What should we do if a boy is bullied and help them? Boys who are bullied can be pretty cold to you when you try to help them sometimes.
15. How can we spot bullying?
16. How can we get people to stop bullying discretely and then, with the help of an adult, tell the school about it?

YIKES! That’s going to keep us busy for the next FOUR MONTHS! april 28
So let’s get started, with MADIE’S question: “What about a friend who can one day be the nicest and be your enemy the next?”

Who HASN’T had THAT happen, right? We hope you’ll find the answer in this week’s Mini-Video for Mini-Women, so just click here! and see what  Tribelet Elder Paige and I have to say on the subject.Paige's caricature

Once  you’ve watched, please comment on ONE (or more!) of these questions:

      1. Has this ever happened to you?

2. If so, is that friend Real Friend, or Ugly Friend?

3. What other question about this comes to mind now?

You rock, Tribelet. So keep asking those questions, okay?

We’re here for ya!


Nancy Rue, The Eldest of the Elders







4 thoughts on “The On Again Off Again Friend

  1. Amazing video, guys!
    1. This has happened with me. We hung out all the time! How did I not see that it was coming?
    2. My friend would be “Ugly Friend.”
    3. How does one tell your Ugly Friend he or she is the Ugly Friend without being totally rude?
    Thank you! Praying for all!

    Halle Belle ❤


  2. Hey Mrs. Nancy, I think that I have 50 points now – although I know we haven’t done them for a while. Do you know if I do?
    Ana ❤


  3. 1. This has happened to me. Actually, quite recently.
    2. My friend is the Ugly Friend.
    3. Can you help the Ugly Friend change? How?
    I actually am going to hopefully schedule my Skype with you Mrs. Nancy sometime of the Christmas break. I just can’t do it next week because of Midterms. So, soon I will e-mail you the date. Could you post a list of the points please?


  4. Hello! Miss Nancy, I will try to schedule my phone session with you soon. I want my FaithGirlz club members to be there when I do, so might take a little while to get them together…I will get back to you on that when I can.
    1)I haven’t really experienced that, but I have a few “acquaintances” that are pretty girls, and are popular, but their attitudes are NOT as pretty as their outside!! :-O
    3) How do you protect your friends from that “ugly” girl?!?! :-/

    Eve 😀


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