broadcast ad 2 HELLOOOOO, TRIBELET. Welcome to After School Wednesdays! We ran into a snag last week, but that’s fixed now and we’ll be with you on Wednesday afternoon from now on —  including during the summer. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Today I want to especially welcome our two new Tribelet members, NIMI and ZOOEY. We’re so glad you’ve joined us. Yikes — our blog tribelet is growing!

And so are YOUR Tribelets. ANA and ADIE have become a Tribelet of two — sisters make great Tribelets. KAYLEE now has a Tribelet of SEVEN — she’s included grown-ups and even some …. BOYS! You can have anybody you want in your group as long as everybody’s comfortable with each other.. I hope that helps some of you who were feeling kind of alone in this.

Not only do you HAVE Tribelets, you’re working on the challenges we’re giving you here on our Wednesday Tribelet meeting. Remember that if you/your Tribelet earns 50 points, you get a Skype or speaker phone session with me — for as many people as you want to gather. Here’s how we’re doingr:. These Mini-Women and their Tribelets have 10 points each so far:


All of you took the challenge two weeks ago (“Let’s Try This Again”) to use the Gold Thumb. If you haven’t tried that challenge, just go back to that post and go for it. It’s never to late to help somebody.

So, what’s our next challenge? See that ad at the top? It’s about the Google+ Hangout that three of the Tribelet Elders (Sarah, Melody and Paige) and I are going to broadcast LIVE this Sunday afternoon at 2:00 Central Time. We’ll be answering questions that are submitted beforehand about bullying and other things about friendships that are hard. You’ll be able to watch, and then later you can watch again on YouTube. In fact, if you can’t make it Sunday, that will be there for you.

How can you join in?

* Submit questions to me (Nancy) at by Saturday, June 6.

* Tell your friends and their moms about it

* On Sunday, just before 2:00, go to the ad on the jointhetriblet website for the link to get to the Hangout

* Hang out with us!

* Watch again later on YouTube!

.Now, about those questions — and this is where earning points comes in. For every question you submit, you’ll receive 5 points (up to 25 for this challenge) We want the questions to come from the mini-women == that’s You. So even if you’ve asked a question about bullying before and we’ve answered it — whether on this blog or TweenYouandMe or Ask the Elders, or even to me personally in an email — submit it as a question again. That’s because even though you now know the answer, a bunch of other people don’t.

For example, in a comment on our last post here, NIMI said, “Does being left out have to just mean being left out by a group?”, I’m going to answer that now, but I’m also going to include it in Sunday’s questions. This is MY answer, but the Tribelet Elders might have something to add that they think of on the spot while we’re all talking.

NIMI, if someone is leaving you out ON PURPOSE TO MAKE YOU MISERABLE, that’s bullying. If someone just forgets to include you in something she’s thoughtless, but not necessarily a bully. It’s all about WHY. If you have a “friend” who has stopped calling you, inviting you over, telling you her secrets and you realize she’s doing it just so you’ll think you’re a loser, she’s bullying you. My advice? She’s not a person you can trust. Even if she makes it up to you now, what are the chances she’ll do it again? Your best bet is to look for friends who LIKE you, who LIKE to spend time with you, who LIKE the things you like. Then INCLUDE them. I know that’s hard – and I know it hurts. It’s been my experience, though, that when you let go of something that’s bad for you, you make room for something that’s good.One thing is for sure –you will never be left out here.

Okay, you have your challenge. Fill up my email inbox with questions you know other mini-women are going to want to know the answers to, and then if you can, join us Sunday. Spread the word too. Because we want yours to be the generation that stops the bullying … for GOOD!


Nancy Rue, The Eldest of the Elders!


14 thoughts on “SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT!

  1. Thanks Miss. Nancy! Will do! One question: I asked a question to the elders last week and still haven’t got a reply. Is that simply because no one could answer my question or it didn’t go through?
    Medomfo xxx 🙂


  2. Thank you Mrs.Nancy, I’ll email you my questions.
    I have a suggestion for wednesdayswithnancy. Could you put the things to comment on in red? Just a suggestion! 🙂


  3. Thank you Mrs. Nancy and Halle Belle. I’ll keep those questions coming 😉 So happy that this is going to help so many people:-)


  4. I can’t wait! I have a terrible memory so… could you remind me to ask her some questions? You all are GREAT! God bless. By the way, I love your suggestion Ana, it’s like how she does that on the Tween You and Me blog. I think she didn’t put it in a color that way we read the entire post! (;


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